How Do You Set Boundaries After Abuse?

This week, I had the pleasure of talking about boundaries with a very special group…

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How Do You Know When A Relationship Is Bad Enough To Leave?

Anyone who has ever come out of an abusive relationship has faced the unnecessarily cruel…

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Do You Want The Low-Down On Sulking?

Do You Want The Low-Down On Sulking? Do you recognise a sulker when you come…

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What Do You Feel About Anger?

You learn to be afraid of anger from toxic people who use anger to abuse and control. But anger does not have to be used abusively.

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This Is How You Can Recognize An Abusive Loved One


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How to Recognise a Toxic Apology

As someone who has been abused by loved ones who should have known better –…

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Just when you think you’ve resolved an emotional block…

Have you ever noticed how, just when you think you have resolved an emotional block…

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Can You Ever Rewind an Emotionally Abusive Relationship?

Is there a way to rewind an emotionally abusive relationship? Have you ever wished that…

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How to avoid growing into your narcissistic mother

“How do I avoid growing into my narcissistic mother?” “How do I avoid growing into…

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The 5 Simple Steps to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Over the next 5 days, I'll send you some lessons and tips that I've found have really helped women to heal from narcissistic abuse.  Starting with the basics.