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The Break Free Membership

How do you get past the brokenness and the fear that your life without them will be even worse than it has been with them?And how do you get over the feelings of worthlessness so you can finally find the peace and fulfilment you long for?

Therapy is the expensive option. But even then not every therapist truly understands what it is like to have to have to heal a trauma bond with a narcissistic parent or spouse. Trying to do the healing work by yourself is another option. However, it is a really big ask. You already know that your head knows exactly what you need to do and your heart is not cooperating. Expecting yourself to overcome that challenge all by yourself is a big option.

The Break Free Membership was designed to be the affordable third option offering you all the insights and education you need, together with all the best healing tools and techniques that I have discovered through my nearly 20 years of working in this field. It is the compilation of everything that I have discovered that has worked for my clients and myself. The Break Free Membership, which provides additional, new content every month will offer you ongoing support along your journey from hurt to whole.

How to Recover Fro­m an Emotionally Abusive Relationship in 90 Days – or Less

Would you like to know how to overcome your fears and get the closure you need? Are you ready to learn how to trust yourself enough to feel confident to build healthy new relationships in every area of your life?

How to Create More Happiness Starting Now

Would you like to learn how to break out of the black hole of sadness and self-blame? You know what you should do but you’re terrified that it’s all over for you. In fact, you feel so broken that you find it hard to believe that you will ever be positive and happy again.

Breaking Old Patterns

If an abusive relationship has left you wondering if you can ever trust anyone again – including yourself…

If you know that you need to break old patterns of trying to earn love, making excuses for people because of their “potential” and putting yourself last, the Breaking Old Patterns will give you all the information, blueprints and mind-shifts that you need to save you a ton of stress, procrastination, heartbreak, demoralization and self-doubt.

You will learn to deal effectively with difficult people and show up as your authentic self, free from the fear of ever making the same mistake again – for barely half the price of a single, very average counselling session.
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"The difference that you’re making in the lives of women is so profound. Thank you! Thank you!"

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"I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your amazing advice and help. I was stuck 41 years. I’ve finally been able to break free. Every single word you, say, is what I am going through. Baby steps, but I finally took the leap. Thank you."

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"Thank you, Annie, for your wisdom I’m so happy I found you. I thought I was alone feeling this way. I love receiving your email every week."

"I thought I was alone"

"Annie your blog articles past and present are a life saver to me. Don’t stop posting, I need you.

Marci M
"Don't stop posting"

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