How to Create More Happiness Starting Now

Even if You Feel You Will Never Be Happy Again

Are you struggling to feel happy
after a toxic relationship?

_Your happiness is an INSIDE job. Once you know how, you can enjoy happiness most of the time._ (2)

Would you like to learn how to break out of the black hole of sadness and self-blame?

You know what you should do but you’re terrified that it’s all over for you.  In fact, you feel so broken that you find it hard to believe that you will ever be positive and happy again. 

If this sounds like you, then you need my:

 The template you need

I’ll give you the simple template  you can use to take charge of your own feelings – instead of being controlled by them.  So you can get back to feeling happy fast even when people and events pull you down. Using this template will enable you to overcome a lifelong habit of people-pleasing and  create the self-esteem that you need to take good decisions and move your life forward. 

Plus, you get  valuable BONUS content to help you look - and feel - happier and get inside the mind of The Perfect Gentleman.  

You will get the tried-and-tested tools, techniques and mind-shifts that I share with my private clients which have transformed their lives, as well as my own.

Here’s what’s included in the program:

The 7 simple steps to transforming your beliefs about yourself and your right to be happy, plus my transformational technique for transforming relationships with difficult people.

You will learn the simple templates for:

  • Overcoming people-pleasing and the fear of being labelled selfish.  (Module 1)
  • Getting past your happiness “glass ceiling”. (Module 3)
  • How to beat your single most destructive emotional habit in under 15 minutes. (Module 3)
  • The simple, effective way to have happy, harmonious relationships that last. (Module 5)
  • The doable guide to creating  strong boundaries that other people will respect. (Module 7)

What they say about the program

The perfect fit for this stage of my life

"You are the perfect fit for this stage of my life. I already adore you and appreciate all the work you have done to bring this program to us. I am so glad you are sharing all of your insight and wisdom.”

- S.B

My life is back on track due to your program

"A lot has happened since last year - lots of good things which have put my life back on track. I left my ex-partner and I am now much more self-aware. My self belief grows everyday - its feels amazing. All due to your program."

- A.R

Easy to make huge progress

"I can not express how much working with you has changed my understanding of how I was showing up in relationships and of fundamentally how I approach all relationships now. I hadn’t considered that issues in one kind of relationship would spill over to others though that seems so blindingly obvious now.

Honestly I would not have figured all this out in my lifetime, possibly three! What you share from experience, wisdom and from the heart is life altering! You have such a nice way of explaining things simply and concisely that it is easy to make a huge progress quickly.”

- L.W

About Annie

Annie Kaszina is an award-winning author, speaker and specialist women’s abuse recovery coach who helps other women who have suffered abuse at the hands of an intimate partner or family member reconnect to their feelings of self-worth and happiness so that they can reclaim their lives.   In her 16 years ‘ experience teaching abuse recovery skills across five continents she has worked extensively with women at all stages of recovery from living in refuges to successful entrepreneurs.

As an abuse survivor herself, Annie understands how difficult it is to break through the barrier of despair, worthlessness, and underconfidence. Over time she mastered simple techniques and mind-shifts to resolve the core issues that abuse survivors face, including neglect, abandonment, rejection, shame and feeling unlovable.

Annie has now helped thousands of other women to do the same through her 1 on 1 and group coaching work. Now she is sharing the exact method that she uses – so that you break out of the despair trap and start to create more happiness in your life, starting now.  

Who is this course for:

This course is for you if:

  • You are deeply unhappy right now but want to change things.
  • If you are facing difficult decisions and feel blocked by self-doubt and uncertainty.
  • You know there must be a way to change things but don’t know where to start.
  • You are in counselling or therapy but you are not feeling much happier

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are going to buy it and get round to working through it someday.
  • You just want to get back with your ex.
  • You are not serious about building a happy life.
  • You are not prepared to implement. It’s like having a vacuum cleaner. Buying it is not enough. It only works when you use it.


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