Annie Kaszina

Annie Kaszina PhD, Women's Abuse Recovery Coach

Award-winning author of the Amazon best-seller:
"Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?"

I’m Annie, and I’m totally committed to helping women, just like you, get over toxic relationships, so they can create the joyful, fulfilling lives they deserve.

How I can help you

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Are you facing the most difficult time of your life?

Are you sick and tired of feeling not good enough to have a good relationship, a loving partner and a life that is worth living?

You know that you deserve happiness - in theory, at least. But how do you get past all the difficulties that you face?

You know that you need to move on – and you’ve really tried – but you still feel like you’re struggling. You are not where you want to be. But you don’t know what else you can do.

You are faced with so many problems. You should be getting on with your life, getting over an abusive relationship, dealing with difficult situations and hurtful people, trying to make sure your children don’t suffer, making important decisions about your future, sorting out your finances (and that’s just for starters).

But you can only do so much. Especially when there is so much going on that you hardly know where to start. Because most days bring fresh crises that take up all of your energy.

So how do you find the time and strength to focus on your own healing?

And how, when everything is so difficult, do you find the clarity to make good decisions and avoid disastrous mistakes?

How do you even stop hurting?

How do you even stop hurting?

I can help you to find the peace of mind that is key to rebuilding your life from rock bottom – so that you can focus on creating your bright future, free from the crippling anxiety and self-doubt of the past.

Over the past 17 years, I have helped thousands of women throughout the English-speaking world to recover from narcissistic abuse in both their intimate relationships and their family of origin. I’ve built a successful blog, and a large social media following, and been featured as a relationship specialist in national and international media, as well as writing two award-winning books about relationships .

As a survivor of familial and marital emotional abuse myself, I understand  why you feel so bad about yourself, what makes it so hard to heal and how you can, finally, overcome ingrained people-pleasing and self-deprecation.


Now I use my experience to help women just like you to feel good about themselves.  What I want is for you, too, to  enjoy healthy, supportive relationships, create a life you love and finally heal from the trauma of emotional abuse.

Whether you want personalized 1 on 1 support or a program you can work through independently to guide you through specific aspects of recovery from emotional abuse, I would love to help you, too.

Annie, God bless you, you ROCK. I am free now, and very happy about it, but we all know it takes time to get all the poison out of your system. This morning I felt a little blue – and then I opened my email and there it was – my Annie’s special blend of humour and wisdom. A voice of reason. A lovely fresh breeze filling my sails and propelling me right out of the doldrums and back on course again. Thank you!

- Jenny

@dr_anniephd your content has saved me so many times. You are dead on in your posts, almost like you read my mind. There is no one like you. Your work has been a Godsend for me.

- Instagram user

Why work with me?

My training, qualifications and personal experience mean that I have the expertise to enable you to heal the deep wounds of emotional abuse. My mission is to teach you to live fully and love safely after all that you have been through.

  • You want someone who can offer you support, understanding and clarity.
  • You are at a crossroads. You have no time to waste.
  • You are at rock bottom and you need to get back to the person you once were.
  • You want a life but you don’t really believe that you can have it.
  • You've had counselling or therapy before  that hasn't worked for you.
  • You will master the simple steps to long-term emotional resilience.
  • You healing journey will offer closure on the trauma that made you vulnerable to an abusive partner.
  • I teach women the simple steps to enduring emotional resilience.
  • I’ve been there myself, I understand the problems you face, and I know what works and what doesn’t.
  • I’ve helped many thousands of women. I can help you, too.



“One of the things that was making my life so painful was the problem with my father. Previously I had felt terrible guilt and sadness – even though my father had done a lot of damaging things. We did several sessions on this and something got unblocked. Now I am able to accept that these sad situations and they are not such a heavy load. The work we did together has given me a second chance at life Now I have a wonderful life!“

Corinne de F
"A second chance at life"

"Unable to reconcile my distress after four years of abuse, I had to find a way out of my bed. I was imprisoned in his abusive reality. Annie is uniquely gifted to help because her first-hand knowledge of abuse means dispensing with the need to prove the case. It was obvious she was unperturbed by the fact I am a Psychologist . Five months later, I am free. Annie is a blessing.“

Ellie Stanton
"5 months later I am free"

“ Working with Annie has truly been transformational and life altering in the very best of ways. Anxiety and poor self-esteem used to be my constant companions. Working with Annie has changed that in a permanent way. I now see why and where I was leaving myself open to abusive behaviour but most importantly how to spot it and deal with it effectively. I read constantly and have worked with others but no one has been able to help me as Annie has. Her brilliance is in being a caring and gifted professional who has lived through the experience.”

Lisa M
"Transformational and life altering"

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