Are They Really That Smart?

Toxic people are scary. But are they really that smart? If you are to salvage…

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One Key Way Narcissistic People Sabotage Your Happiness

My beautiful friend Charlotte* received some stunning jewellery from her husband in the course of…

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The Problem with Healing the Wounds of Abuse

This week we need to talk about healing the wounds of emotional abuse as we…

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Why You Need to Get into Your Head More 

Having a relationship with a toxic, narcissistic partner does not leave you as it found…

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When they say to you, “Nobody is perfect.”

Have you ever had people say to you, “Nobody’s perfect”?  it’s one of those phrases…

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The Problem with Still Loving an Abusive Ex

Wouldn’t it be nice if, early on in an abusive relationship, you woke up and,…

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How do they make you feel?  The Key Red Flag Question

“What are the Red Flags you should be looking out for if you want to…

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The Powerful Weapon That Is The Silent Treatment

We need to talk about The Silent Treatment, the technique of sulking to make a…

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Why You Need to be Very Aware of Projection

“I know you better than you know yourself.” was one of my father’s favorite phrases*….

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The 5 Simple Steps to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Over the next 5 days, I'll send you some lessons and tips that I've found have really helped women to heal from narcissistic abuse.  Starting with the basics.