Has gaslighting led you to neglect your own best interests?

This week, several of my individual clients all presented with the same kind of problem….

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Do you need to forgive yourself first and foremost?

Do You Need To Forgive Yourself Do you ever feel anger and disappointment towards yourself…

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10 Most Damaging Questions Women Ask About A Narcissistic Partner

Back in the day, when I was with a narcissistic partner, I knew that something…

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What stops you from leaving a narcissistic partner?

Leaving a narcissistic partner is never going to be easy. Most commonly, the abused partner…

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The Lies and Manipulation of a Narcissistic Partner

 Can a narcissistic partner change? Can a narcissistic partner change in a heartbeat when they…

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How Did Your Narcissistic Partner Choose You?

How did your narcissistic partner identify you as a suitable target from Day 1?  What…

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How to Steer Clear of the Hornets’ Nest of Feeling Bad

“How do I stop myself from feeling bad?” my client asked. When we started working…

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“What Makes a Narcissistic Partner Stupid?”

“Why do you call my narcissistic partner stupid?” “Why do you call my narcissistic partner…

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Why an emotionally abusive relationship can never work

Why an emotionally abusive relationship can never work is the very last thing that the…

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The 5 Simple Steps to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Over the next 5 days, I'll send you some lessons and tips that I've found have really helped women to heal from narcissistic abuse.  Starting with the basics.