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“Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?”


Only when my husband told me that I had to choose between him and my 6 month old Shih Tzu puppy did I finally see sense.  I chose the dog, Without a moment’s hesitation. After all, I had gone to the trouble of selecting the exact right dog for me, a dog who brought tremendous joy into my life. 

That was a lot more than I could say about my husband.  

That moment was my wake-up call. I realized that I had made poor relationship choices.  I was also too quick to blame myself for EVERYTHING and too willing to put up with chronic relationship unhappiness.

Never again.

“Do You Choose Your Dog…?”  is a light-hearted, but Aha moment- packed, account of everything that I have discovered since about building happy relationships.  In the book, I share the tools, mind-set shifts, and techniques that have enabled me and my clients to enjoy loving, lasting relationships.

START HERE if you want to start dating – safely. 

“Do You Choose Your Dog…?” will help you create the  awareness and boundaries you need to protect yourself from the wiles of bad boys, narcissists and jerks, so you can end up with the great partner who will cherish you as much as you do him.


“The Woman You Want to Be”


What do you do when you feel broken, overwhelmed and despairing because of all that you have been through?

When my abusive relationship ended, I was a wreck.  I soon learned that Time does NOT heal all wounds. Most days, I felt  overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, worthlessness and shame.

Conventional therapy didn’t get to the bottom of the problem. 

All the self-help I did, felt like it was aimed at someone much further along the road than I was.  Affirmations just reminded me how hopeless I felt.

“The Woman You Want To Be” has helped many hundreds of women to work - effectively - through  their own pain and their own healing. It has provided them with a toolkit to reclaim their sense of self, build their self-worth and move forward with hope in their hearts.

“The Woman You Want to Be” differs from most conventional self-help literature by factoring in the mind-set of the abuse survivor. It starts from where you are - mood swings, fragile motivation and monumental self-doubt - while constantly offering you inspiring proof of your progress.

START HERE if you feel broken by an abusive relationship,  have lost sight of who you are, but feel you need to work - independently - through your own healing journey, this is the perfect book to gently guide you through a year of healing work. All that is required of you is a tiny commitment of your time - just ten minutes a day - to build an enduring self-care habit, create a healthy internal dialogue, put an end to over-thinking and anxiety and find the confidence to speak with your own voice.  This book will enable you to become the woman that you want to be.


“Married to Mr Nasty”


One day, you start to realize that the person who makes all the hurtful, soul-destroying accusations about you, does so because of their own extraordinary nastiness.

Mr Nasty” was a nickname I coined for my own abusive partner. I used it to help distance myself from the wounding things he said. But the more I learned and worked with others who had been through narcissistic and emotional abuse, the more I realized that my partner was, in many ways, simply an abusive clone. 

“Married to Mr Nasty” is the book that grew out of my awareness that all of us who have been through abuse were married to, in some ways, the same abuser.  

START HERE if you want to get a clearer picture of how to understand what happened to you in an abusive relationship and how you make sense of a person who could return your love with such cruelty and contempt. “Married to Mr Nasty” is designed to free you from the shame, self-blame and niggling doubt about who is responsible for the abuser’s toxic behaviour.

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