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“How Do You Know When You Are Over Emotional Abuse?”

“How Do You Know When You Are Over Emotional Abuse?”
“How do you know when you are over emotional abuse?” is, in my experience, the question least asked.  Abuse survivors ask, instead,

a) “Can I heal after all that I have been through?”
b) “How long will it take to get over this?”
c) “How soon will I feel […]

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How NOT to Spot An Emotional Abuser

How not to spot an emotional abuser
My lovely partner is a stranger to abuse world.  He’s never lived there. He’s never had to recover from emotional abuse.  So, what had he seen that made him say: “That man is an emotional and physical abuser”.
We were sitting in one of the few coffee bars in Venice […]

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Who Can You Trust After A Narcissistic Relationship?

Has a narcissistic relationship left you with trust issues? If so, you are by no means the only one – even though it might feel that way.
In reality, the issue of trust looms large. for anyone who has ever been in relationship with a Narcissist.  The reason for this is simple – longer you stay […]

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How An Emotionally Abusive Partner Becomes Irresistible To You

Many, many emotionally abused women tell me that their emotionally abusive partner “had them at Hello”. It was, they say, love at first sight. Other emotionally abused women say of their emotionally abusive partner, “I didn’t like him at first. But he was so keen on me that I… kind of let myself be frog-marched […]

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The Loneliness of the Emotionally Abusive Relationship

People, generally, underestimate the loneliness of the emotionally abusive relationship.  Most commonly, the very people who suffer most from the loneliness of an emotionally abusive relationship – that is to say abuse victims – fear the loneliness of life without their abusive partner.
A misleading question
If things are so awful with that partner, how much worse […]

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How I Found The Courage To Leave An Emotionally Abusive Husband

Courage to leave an emotionally abusive husband is vital. It’s something that any woman who has ever been in an emotionally abusive relationship feels she lacks and desperately wants to find. Handed to her on a plate, preferably. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.
If you’re struggling because you have yet t find the courage to […]

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Has narcissistic abuse made you worry you were going crazy?

 Has narcissistic abuse ever made you worry that you were going crazy? Almost every single client that I have worked with has confessed that being around a Narcissist left them feeling like they were going crazy.  Unless they used a synonym like “weird” or “losing their mind”, or feeling “out of control”.  Craziness is an […]

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10 Fears A Narcissist Uses To Disempower You

A Narcissist is harmful to your health
Being in a relationship with a  narcissist is harmful to your physical and mental health.
Why is that?
 It happens because a Narcissist, is hell-bent on creating someone whose world revolves around him – someone needy, co-dependent, and fearful.
Let’s keep the word creating in mind as we go through this article. […]

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Do you need to forgive yourself first and foremost?

Do You Need To Forgive Yourself
Do you ever feel anger and disappointment towards yourself for both the relationship and the way it has turned out?
Do you struggle with the issue of forgiveness?   Do you feel you should forgive the abusive partner who has behaved so badly towards you? Have you been told that it is […]

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10 Most Damaging Questions Women Ask About A Narcissistic Partner

Back in the day, when I was with a narcissistic partner, I knew that something was very wrong.  Needless to say, I assumed that the main thing that was wrong had to be me.  That didn’t work too well for me – although it worked beautifully for him.
A Narcissist  will always make you responsible for […]

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The 5 Simple Steps to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Over the next 5 days, I'll send you some lessons and tips that I've found have really helped women to heal from narcissistic abuse.  Starting with the basics.

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