Rules For Disposing Of Metaphorical Elephants In The Living Room

29 Mar 2008

The rules for disposing of a metaphorical elephant are quite
unlike those regarding real elephants. First of, there is no preservation order on metaphorical elephants. Nor should there be. You can’t shoot them, or poison them (in
point of fact, they poison you

But you can dispose of them with kindness – kindness to yourself.

Now you and I know that that is the hardest thing. You don’t have to be a caregiver to
be an abused woman (nor are all caregivers abused) but it certainly helps. It goes with the territory. Most of us would be quicker to lavish care
on a stranger’s pet rat than we would on ourselves. That’s possibly a slight exaggeration but I trust you get
my drift.

how do you dispose of the elephant of sad, hurt and angry feelings? CLICK HERE to carry on reading.


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