What Happens When You Rewrite An Old Trauma?

by Annie Kaszina on June 22, 2008

One of the many joys of the life I live now is that I am
free to learn and believe what I choose.

This weekend I was exposed to one of the most powerful ideas
I have yet come across. It’s formal
name is: “Matrix Re-imprinting”. What
this actually means is that, using the right techniques, you can revisit an old
trauma and rewrite the scene in a constructive way.

Back in the bad old days of my marriage I would have balked
at this idea: rewriting your past was, I thought, the first step down the road
to fantasy and losing touch with reality.

Today I learned that you can not just lay the past,
you can actually replace it with a vision that serves you better.

The past is old history. It’s been and gone. You suffered
at the time. You’ve suffered
since. More than enough, I’d say.

If you believe it is time for you to move on from old traumas and the feelings they still evoke in you, READ ON

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