“Did You Know Survival Is An Intentional Decision?”

by Annie Kaszina on June 5, 2008

It was Dave Lakhani who uttered those words. He ought to know. These days Lakhani is a ‘persuasion expert’ and a formidable
public speaker. But it wasn’t always

grew up in a cult. Somehow, in his
teens he became aware that there was a better life for him outside the
cult. Breaking away from his family and
everything he had ever known was so stressful it nearly destroyed him. 

“Ok”, you may say, “but why talk about him in a blog aimed
specifically at abused women?”

of the profound resonance of his words. Is it far fetched to say that turning your back on an abusive relationship can feel as hard, or
almost, as turning your back on a cult? Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is not about comparisons. What matters is… CLICK HERE to carry on reading

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