Are You “Damaged Goods”?

by Annie Kaszina on May 16, 2008

The fact that you are reading this now probably means that
you have been through, or are going through, an abusive relationship. 

You have been treated as a victim – and doubtless been
wrongly accused also of being the abusive partner – and have become a

Given the kind of treatment and verbal abuse that has been
meted out to you, you probably feel hopeless and worthless. 

Certainly, that was my experience. And I learned, as all abused women are well advised to learn,
that feeling like that leaves you very vulnerable to more abuse. 

Abusive men are, quite simply, predators. They are quick to scent blood and move in
for… Is it far fetched to say ‘for the kill’? I think not. At the very least,
they will, over time, drain your life’s blood, if you let them.

Healing is a process. 

go through various stages. CLICK HERE to discover what those stages are

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