Emotional Abuse Signs

Real Men Don’t Hit Women iii

 Real men don’t hit women.  And they don’t use words to hurt, humiliate, diminish, or reject them, either.
Abusive men do.
Enotionally abusive men can – and do – systematically smash women to pieces without ever raising their hand.
When emotional abuse happens to you, more often than not it seems to be a spontaneous outpouring of fury […]

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No fish, please!

How many more fish do you think there are in the sea for you? 
Whether or not you feel ready for another relationship, or even want another relationship,  I’m guessing you’ve been ‘programmed’  to believe you’re washed up, and the potential partner pool has been completely over-fished.
But is it true?  
And, above all, is it […]

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How to break the spell of abuse paralysis

Do you ever look at your situation, and ask yourself; “Why am I still struggling with this?  Why can’t I just move on?”
If that sounds like you, let me tell you about Sarah…
Sarah couldn’t have been more frustrated and disgusted with herself.  She knew exactly what she needed to do: she needed to stop giving […]

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How do you know you’re not at fault?

Dear Annie,
How do you know when you’re not at fault?

“I’ve been married for 10 years, and just now wondering if all this time of struggling and trying to have a happy relationship, really I’m in an abusive one.
I don’t get called names, but it’s like I don’t matter. From the beginning when we’ve argued, […]

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Are you invisible?

Sara sat in the restaurant with tears trickling down her cheek, while an abusive partner ranted on about her Making Impossible Demands on him.
When she described the scene, I remembered how the same thing had happened to me (more than once, I’m sorry to say) and how devastated I’d felt.
Have you […]

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Hungry Heart

Abused women have hungry hearts. It was a hungry heart that took them into an abusive relationship in the first place. In the course of the relationship, that heart became a whole lot hungrier.

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He’s just not that into women

Abusive men hold a very black and white view of the world.  Theirs is a world of contrasts.
You already know this for yourself because your abusive partner  invariably come out with pronouncements like these:
“I’m right; you’re wrong.”
“People respect me; they despise you.”
“You’re a lousy mother; I’m a wonderful father.”
“You’re crazy, I’m sane; and normal.”
“You’re too […]

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Abusive Men – Why They Don’t Want You To Be Happy

I was talking with a client who is taking that long, long walk away from her abusive husband and into freedom.
And, yes, it feels like a frustrating journey that never reaches its destination because every step feels like a ‘baby step’ – and baby steps seem so small, and insignificant, when there is such a […]

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How do you identify the Emotional Abuse Signs?

When you are in it, it’s almost impossible to do.  Because being in an emotionally abusive relationship is like being in a maze: all you can do is go up different paths, which almost always turn out to be dead ends.  You lack on overview; not least because your abusive partner is intent on closing […]

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Emotional abuse in marriage is not easy for the victim to identify

The way it works is simple enough to see from the outside: one partner criticizes, humiliates, blames, pokes fun at, and finds fault with the other.  The abuser disregards, and disrespects, their partner’s feelings.  The abused partner feels that something is wrong, but also shoulders the blame, and often feels that whatever happens must be […]

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The 5 Simple Steps to Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Over the next 5 days, I'll send you some lessons and tips that I've found have really helped women to heal from narcissistic abuse.  Starting with the basics.

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