If Your Partner Is Making You MISERABLE,
You Feel Like You Are Going Crazy, and
Your Relationship Is NOT  Working, then you are
Married To Mr Nasty



“What has happened to me?”
“Is it all really my fault?”
“Is it really emotional abuse?”

If you are even asking yourself these questions, there is something very wrong in your relationship – and it’s NOT you.

Did you know?

What really  makes an abusive relationship so hard to understand, and so difficult to let go? It is NOT the fear, or the ‘love’ you could be throwing away. It is not even the self-doubt you feel.

The biggest thing that  holds you back…

is actually not seeing what is staring you in the face.

  • You know he behaves like a jerk,  but you still can’t believe he is one.
  • You know he treats you like you don’t matter, but you still believe there is a lot of love there.
  • You know the relationship is dead in the water, but you believe that it could still work.
  • You know you’re not the pathetic excuse for a woman he says you are, but you’re still not truly convinced that you’re a worthwhile, lovable, attractive human being…
  • You know he makes you thoroughly miserable, but you still believe you’d be more miserable on your own.
  • You know the negative things people say about him are true, but you still believe he could be a good partner.

When you are feeling that confused, exhausted, and desperate, you can’t possibly help yourself.  But here’s the thing,

You are absolutely NOT beyond help.

My name is Annie Kaszina. I am an Emotional Abuse Recovery Expert and the author of “Married to Mr Nasty”.  I wrote the book to help women just like you to realize that it is never too late for them to heal the heartbreak, start to believe in themselves and create a happy life for themselves.  In the 12 years that I have been working with women who have been in emotionally abusive relationships I’ve worked with thousands of AMAZING women – including poets, ad executives, doctors, beauty queens, stay-at-home moms, Ph.Ds, counselors, and scientists. I’ve also worked with women who were unemployed, disabled, and even living in refuges.

All of these women doubted that they could ever recover from what they had been through.

All of them found a strength inside themselves that they didn’t even know they had.

All of them discovered that what their abusive partner said about them was a tissue of lies.  It was NOT who they were. They went on to stop caring what he thought, and start caring about themselves instead.

My story

Annie (55) white background(1 of 1)After we’d separated and when I pretty much knew (but didn’t quite believe) that I was going to divorce him, I arranged to see my husband.

I went with two goals in mind.  The first was, to ask him to be fair about the finances (needless to say, he wasn’t).  The second was to get him to admit that I hadn’t been a lousy wife.  (I really, really needed to hear that from him, before I could begin to believe it…)

To this day, I can still remember the words he said.  He said: “You weren’t a bad wife, as such.  But you were sharp, and needy, and demanding…”

I walked away from him for the last time and vowed to make  sense of what had really happened, and how he could talk to me that way.

It took me a long time ,  until I finally cracked it.  And then I understood not just what had happened that day, and in my relationship.

I realized what happens in all abusive relationships, why all abusive men behave the way they do, and what is really going on for them.

Everything I’ve learned since that day has gone into my book, “Married to Mr Nasty”.


  • The key differences between abusive “love” and healthy love – once you understand these you’ll never be fooled again.
  • Why the relationship will never work, no matter how hard you work at it
  • How to spot an abusive partner beneath the Mr Nice Guy mask, every time
  • How to keep yourself safe and choose a loving partner next time
  • How to step back from your hurt and finally understand your abuser’s true agenda
  • The things you can change and those you cannot – so you’ll never have to bang your head against a relationship brick wall again
  • The best way to walk away, heal the hurt, and quick start the life you want for yourself
  • Simple techniques you can use time and time again, to heal your layers of pain and speed your recovery

You signed up for Prince Charming only to discover The Beast had sunk his claws into your flesh.

You and I, both.

You and I – and approximately 1 woman in 4, at some point in her life.

And you thought it was just you!!

Not just you

“Married to Mr Nasty” is about  every woman‘s journey back to wholeness and happiness.   It’s about your journey, too.

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What people say about “Married to Mr Nasty”

“You never fail to hit the spot” Julie R 

Thank you for helping all of us survivors.  I’m staying strong and the “red flags” are very visible to me now.  I know that I will never again be in an abusive relationship!! Karena F

I thank you for the help. I am in a loving relationship now and I have never felt so safe, so joyful, so worthy.I am able to be myself without fear and I am loved. I have slowly rediscovered the ‘me’ that had been buried and I am beginning to believe that I am not a failure after all. In fact, I am beginning to think I am pretty special.” Cara M

“Your e-book is giving me much strength and support that I have failed to find anywhere else!!  Lisa B

“I am the strong,confident girl I am  today because of you.  Thank you so much.” Kate M

I was a victim of emotional abuse for 32 years.  But — thanks to you, I am leaving!  Love, Andrea G

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Mr Nasty isn’t going to change, and he ISN’T going to love you back.  You’re hurting yourself, and throwing away your life – and your love – on someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

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