Annie (55)  white  background(1 of 1)Hi there, and WELCOME!  

If you are hurting, and you feel you’ve reached the  end of your strength, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Annie, and I’m totally committed to helping women, just like you, get over toxic relationships, so they can create the joyful, fulfilling lives they deserve.

The reason why I’m so passionate about helping abused women get their lives back is simple: I’ve been one.  I’ve been where you are now.  I know just how bad it feels.

Leaving was the scariest thing I’ve ever done  – I wasn’t at all sure I could survive without him.  But leaving was, also, the beginning of a hugely rewarding journey into a world of love, mattering and discovering my true place in the world.

Some amazing discoveries

As a Ph D, I’d learnt how to research things.  So, I spent a lot of time researching emotional abuse, and discovering exactly what made me feel so pathetic and powerless.  The things I learnt amazed me.  They may well amaze you, too.  Key things I learned included:

  • Emotional abuse is never your fault.
  • Emotional abuse is always unacceptable.  There are no ‘reasons’, or ‘excuses’ that can ever justify it.
  • Emotional abuse is domestic violence.  A partner doesn’t have to raise a hand to you to pulverize you, emotionally.
  • All abusers operate the same way; in fact, they are, quite literally, screaming from the same hymn sheet.   They use exactly the same tactics – even the same words – to hurt and humiliate us.

I vowed to use what I discovered, and do everything I possibly could to spare as many other women as I could the misery of an abusive relationship.

Breaking the mold of emotional abuse

I trained as a coach, a hypnotherapist, and an NLP Master Practitioner.   I’ve qualified in many healing modalities and, drawing on my own experience and that of  many, many other abused women,  I’ve written books, and created programs specifically for abused, despairing women to  help them let go of the pain of an abusive relationship, so they can learn to live fully, love safely, and laugh freely.

From hurt… to whole

One more thing you might want to know; when I left my abusive marriage I was terrified of falling for another abuser – a lot of women do just that.  So, I spent years “man-free”, learning to know and love myself.  In that time, I discovered what I really wanted in a partner – and, believe me, it was NOTHING like the man I’d married.

Eventually, I felt ready to dip my toe back into the dating pool.   Now I am blessed to have a wonderful, unselfish, gentle partner.  I help other women to remake their ‘relationship blueprint’ so they can find the great partner they deserve, too.

Getting away from an abusive relationship is one part of the healing process.  The other is learning to create the happiness, fulfilment, and emotional security you long for in your life.

I went from hurt to whole, and you can, too.

I hope you’ll let me help you.

Warm wishes for your recovery,