Married to Mr Nasty

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The Book that Explains Who He Really Was, Why He Chose You, & Why It Could NEVER Work!

Understand. Let Go. Heal.

"Indispensable Reading for Any Woman Who Fell Deeply in Love and Found Herself in an Abusive Relationship with a Man She Didn't Even Recognise."

  • Understand the hidden dynamic of all abusive relationships.
  • Accept the truth about an unloving partner - so you can stop blaming yourself for the partner who always blamed you.
  • Free yourself from the burden of shame, heartbreak and rejection.

This book charts one woman's awakening from heartbreak to wholeness. It can be your awakening, too.

About the Author

Annie Kasina PhD. writer, speaker and international Emotional Abuse Recovery Coach, spent over 20 years with an abusive, Narcissistic Mr Nasty before she finally realised that something was terribly wrong that she could not "fix" by working harder at the relationship.

Annie spent a long time diesentangling her self-worth from her ex's accusations, rebuilding her sense of self and making sense of exactly how Narcissistic abusers operate. Plus, she discovered the secrets of keeping toxic people at bay and choosing a quality partner.

Now blessed with a lovely, caring partner, she specializes in teaching other women to believe in themselves, build a joyful life after abuse and enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships in every area of their lives.

Answers to your unanswered questions

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  • How he could treat you that way.
  • Why you still love him.
  • Why you find it so hard to let go of someone who is so hard to love.
  • Where all his "potential" has gone - and why it won't be make a comeback anytime soon.
  • How you can let go of feeling "broken" long enough to see what an amazing woman you truly are.
anne diamond

“Dr Annie totally understands relationships - and talks about them with the sort of humour and insight that comes from true experience. She was a joy to interview, and a joy to read.."

Anne Diamond
BBC Veteran Journalist


“Leaves the reader sronger.

Annie Kaszina's Married to Mr. Nasty is a must-read for anyone who has suffered the roller coaster of emotional and psychological abuse.

Her writing style is both well-informed and authentically accessible. Her immense wisdom, wit, empathy, and no-holds-barred approach to exposing this type of abuse and the devastation it can cause leaves the reader stronger, more enlightened, and ready to pave the path back to freedom."

Shahida Arabi
Bestselling author of “Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare” and “The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self-care

“Giving me strength and support”

“Your book is giving me much strength and support that I have failed to find anywhere else!!

Lisa B
HR professional

“Leaving –after 23 years!

I was a victim of emotional abuse for 32 years. But --- thanks to you, I am leaving!"

Andrea G

Daily Mail

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