Exciting News!  If you’re a woman who’s had
ENOUGH of the heartbreak of an abusive relationship:
You’re invited to join the hundreds who have discovered the secrets of Happiness, Confidence, and Inner Strength, at this special 1 Day Event
Live in London March 3rd 2012 – YOUR TIME For Happiness

Discover how you can
start to create a happy life for yourself right away,
and STOP letting the past – and other people’s opinions – get you down.  If your situation is making you miserable,
then this event is for you.

Whether you are newly out of your abusive relationship, or you’ve been out of it for years, this special one Day of LIVE Training will give you the step by step STRATEGIES, CHECKLISTS, OUTLINES… PLUS LIVE coaching, you need to turn your dream of peace, happiness, and fulfilment into REALITY.

Or whether you’ve tried counselling, or therapy, and done everything you possibly could to get over the hurt, and the difficult emotions and it hasn’t worked for you – and you need real life skills & resources  (NOT THEORY) – then this is the event for you! 

By ordering your ticket, your name will be automatically entered in our contest where you can WIN 1 month’s FREE Coaching with Annie (that’s 4 x 60 minutes) .Act Now! Click here for Details and How to Secure Your Ticket

Dear Lovely Lady,

I’ve been working with women in emotionally abusive relationships for 10 years, and during that time I’ve seen so many women who struggled far more than they needed to.  It’s an absolute travesty that they are not being given the RIGHT tools and know how to heal the hurt, let go of the past, and enjoy peace of mind and happiness in the present.

Here’s my first tip: The traditional way most therapists and counsellors work with emotional abuse survivors doesn’t really help you move forward.  Yet that’s what most of us experience.

Perhaps you’ve heard there are newer techniques out there that can be really powerful, but don’t know whether they would work for you.

If you’re still struggling, like so many other women I meet every day, you may be ready to give up on yourself.  That would be HUGE shame, when you actually have so much to share.

Or perhaps you’ve come some way along your recovery journey, but want to take that next step from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ and don’t know how to.  Maybe you don’t even know if it’s possible for you.

Then you need this SPECIAL and EXCITING live event, in London,  at Heythrop College, on March 3rd! 

I will personally take you through what you MUST DO and HOW to do it!

   Get clear on exactly what your emotional stumbling blocks are and how     you can get rid of them.

Have a number of effective ways of dealing with the difficult feelings that have stymied you in the past.

  Stop giving away your power and start properly valuing yourself and taking your own feelings into account.

  Discover a much better of dealing with difficult situations that leaves you feeling good about yourself.  So you can stop wasting your time regretting what you ‘should have’ said, or ‘shouldn’t have’ said.

  How to get your own voice out there, so people really listen to you.

  The most effective ways to bounce back from any crisis!

  The “skinny” on  why trying to persuade people never works – and what you can do instead.

  How to get over the paralysing “But I can’t” mind-set once and for all!

  You’ve Suffered Too Long, Now It’s Time to Change That

There is definitely an easy way to heal from emotional abuse and a hard way. Sadly most women are doing things the hard way by struggling on their own, or without the special help that can really make the difference. I have been there too, and I wish to goodness I knew back then what I know now.

I want to share what I’ve learned so you can get  your life back on track right away. It is important that you get the information you need to finally heal the damage you’ve been through in a way that is AUTHENTIC for you and fits around the person you are and the values that are important to you.

You no longer need to change everything and turn yourself inside out to make Other People happy.  Nobody’s asking you to minimize what happened to you, or “pull yourself together” to make them happy.   Nobody’s judging you.  Nobody’s telling you what to do.  This is all about you healing from your abusive relationship in a way that is right for YOU.

Unless someone can understand where you’re coming from, they aren’t in a position to suggest to you how you can take yourself forward! How much time and money have you wasted already on advise that wasn’t right for you? Too much yes?!

Listen, there is a set of tools and techniques you SHOULD have in your treasure chest to use regularly and you SHOULD learn HOW to do these properly or else they won’t work either. It is my passion to help women, like us, to get clear on what they need to do – and what they don’t – so they get the right results FAST. The HOW is so important and that’s what I’m all about.


  • Break the stranglehold of regrets and bad feelings.
  • How to recognise and stop self-sabotage before it can hoodwink you into making damaging decisions you WILL live to regret
  • Stop the  fear and anxiety slowing you down or even stopping you from having the life you want
  • Trim the challenges you face down to manageable proportions
  • Find the confidence and tools you need to make the changes you know you must make

So every aspect of your abusive relationship really IS “ancient history”

Click here for Details and How to Secure Your Ticket

Attending is a MUST if you are:

 Just starting out on your new life, or getting ready to leave and want to learn what’s proven to make life as easy and possible (and what’s guaranteed to make things harder for you)  so you get the right start as you move ahead into your Bright Future

Already out of the relationship and could benefit from  time-saving tools and strategies, to keep you on track so you can deal comfortably with all the new challenges, large and small, that are bound to come your way

Ready to be handed done-for-you templates detailing every step in how to transform your mind-set, so you don’t ever sabotage yourself

Ready to get out off the burn-out track of trying to do it all on your own, every day, and feeling lonely, discouraged, and worried sick

And because YOUR TIME for Happiness is a 1 Day intensive focused on your challenges as a recovering emotionally abused woman, you can be assured that it’s:

  • Geared to YOU, exactly where you are in your emotional recovery..  It won’t be one of those events when you look at other people and say: “Ah, but it’s different for me…”
  • 100% safe, supportive environment, so you can relax and learn at the pace that is right for you.
  • Not one of those events that send you out feeling happy on the day but offer little substance.  Each training session offers practical, “How to” training  so you know what to put into action, starting that same evening.

Click here for details  and how to secure your seat

  Special Bonuses 

Imagine for a moment, receiving one full month of coaching from the leading international abuse recovery coach. On these call Annie will focus on helping you heal old wounds, clarify exactly what you want your future to look like, help you discover all your limiting relationship beliefs, and help you create a whole new blueprint.   So you’ll never make the same mistakes again.

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So, are you ready to say: “It’s my time for happiness”.



My Generous “You Can Change Your Mind Later” Guarantee

You can secure your ticket now then change your mind later. You have up until 21 days before the conference begins to personally ask for a refund. We’ll refund your ticket purchase, less a modest $60 bookkeeping/administrative fee.

I recommend this: register now to lock in the opportunity and start imagining what it will be like to experience this Happiness Intensive, and learning how to always have the resources and the confidence you desire. Your life will never be the same!

Annie Kaszina



 Questions? Check out these questions to see if the event is right for you?

Q.  Do I need to be out of the relationship to come to this event?
No, it doesn’t matter whether you are still in it, or have been out of it for months or years.  If you don’t feel confident, happy, and 100% over the hurt you’ve experienced, this event give you the tools you need to reclaim your identity, and your peace of mind.

Q.  What makes this event so special?
You’ll be trained by someone who knows the challenges you face from the inside out.  Which means the entire event is geared to providing you with exactly what you need.  What’s more, you’ll be in the company of like-minded women.  In fact, it may well be the most supportive environment you have experienced.  What is a day in that environment worth to you?

Q.  It’s a UK event, why is it priced in US dollars?
My Shopping Cart only takes dollars.  But you can see the price in £s  also.

So, are you ready to be rid of of the old victim programming, and embrace Your Time for Happiness?

  “Yes Annie, I can’t wait to attend the TIME for Happiness” 1 Day Special Training in London on March 3rd 2012″

I understand that by securing my ticket, my name will be automatically in your contest where I can WIN a FREE Month’s Coaching with Annie.

I understand I can secure my ticket now and I have up until 21 days before the conference begins to personally ask for a refund for my ticket purchase (less a modest $65 – that’s £41 approx -bookkeeping/administrative fee).

Pay in full at a price of $227 – that’s just

£147 GBP


So, are you ready to say: “It’s my time for happiness”.

I can’t wait to meet you and spend a whole day with you helping you to create the  happy life you’ve dreamed about.  There is no other event like YOUR TIME FOR HAPPINESS. So if you’re ready to transform your life, and you want the specific training, mindset shifts, strategies and  tool kit to do just that, then don’t wait another moment. Act now! Secure your ticket now , while you can.

Warm wishes for your happiness,


Annie Kaszina  – Author and Speaker
The Emotional Abuse Recovery Coach 

P.S. Remember, you know how important happiness is.  That’s why you’ve worked so hard to provide it for other people.  Don’t wait any longer.   Click here to finally own Your Time for Happiness.