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I am really thrilled and excited to welcome you to the “NOT My Stuff” program.  I’m looking forward to helping you to transform the way you feel about yourself, how you show up in the world, and the quality of all your relationships.

You can get started right away  when you download  your materials below. 

But first, I’d like to tell you about an Extra Bonus I am  offering.

EXTRA BONUS Introductory Session

Nobody is more anxious to heal than you are.  Unfortunately, that anxiety plays havoc with your recovery.

Every abused woman I have ever met worries about whether they can do it, whether they are progressing as fast as they should be progressing, whether they are fatally flawed, and what makes them so much capable than a mythical “everybody else”.

So, what happens, you worry yourself sick about all of those things.  In fact, the only thing that stops you worrying – temporarily – is exhaustion.  The moment you feel less exhausted, you go back to worrying.

I say this with deep compassion, having seen it over and over again in my clients (and, not that long ago, in myself, also).

To help you understand why this happens, and how you can overcome it, I have provided access to a session I did a while back on how to manage your healing journey as successfully as possibly.  You can download it below.  Listen to it, and get comfortable with the ideas.  It may not stop you feeling the anxiety.  But at least you will understand why you feel it – and why you need to take yourself far more seriously than your anxiety.

The “NOT My Stuff” LIVE Program

Please add dates to your Google calendar now, with reminders.  That way, you can maximize the benefits by joining me on the live calls.

Session 1 Spotting Their Agenda

Session 2 Get Inside Their Mind

Session 3 Resilience Strategies 

Session 4 Session 4 Abuse World Versus Your World 

Session 5 Glitches 03/10/17, 12:00 PM

Session 6 What’s Been Getting You Down?

Do get in touch to share your wins.  I’d love to hear from you.

BONUS “Married to Mr Nasty”.

Download “Married to Mr Nasty” here.