I am so excited that you will be joining me on this training.  I look forward to working with you, both personally and in the group, to help you get emotional abuse right out of your system and transform your life.

Bonus #1 Breaking the Argument Cycle

Download the Sharon Rivkin interview here:


Bonus #2 Married to Mr Nasty

Download your copy of “Married to Mr Nasty here:


Bonus #3 Understanding The Dominator

Download the Pat Craven interview here:


Bonus #4 Inside the MInd of the Perfect Gentleman

Download the Zacchary Falconer-Barfield interview here:


 Ultimate Emotional Abuse Recovery System

  Introductory Session   

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Ultimate Emotional Abuse System Intro

Session 1  How to Break the Chains of Abuse

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Session 2   The simple steps you can use to stop the bad feelings in their tracks

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Session 3  How to overcome the crippling fear

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Session 4  Weeding out shame and self-criticism

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Session 5  How to feel safe, and keep yourself safe, no matter what.

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Session 6  A new way of relating to people

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Session 7   Mastering the simple success formula

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Session 8   The Upward Spiral of Happiness 

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