“Just 10 Minutes A Day To Heal The Hurt
 An Emotionally Abusive Relationship,
Reclaim Your Strength And
Quick Start Your Self-Worth” 

Dear Abused Woman,

Are you in danger of giving up on yourself?

Are you exhausted from trying and to your relationship work? Are you struggling to understand how the person you love can treat you that badly?

Have you reached the stage of telling yourself:

“My feelings don’t matter.  What I want doesn’t matter.  My life doesn’t matter?  The only thing that does matter is getting my partner to love me back, and – finally – acknowledge my feelings.”

Have you been willing to put up with almost anything to make your relationship work?

Have you been paying a massive price, in terms of your health, energy, and happiness?

When you know, deep down,  it’s never going to work.

Well,  I know exactly how that feels, because 

“I was just like you…” 

I’m Annie Kaszina, Founder of Recover From Emotional Abuse, the only organization that helps women – who’ve lost sight of who they really are – to stop buying into the impossible dream of their partner’s transformation, so they can rebuild their confidence, experience the happiness they deserve, and create a life worth living.

I’m also a woman who spent far too long in a bad relationship, tolerating my husband’s emotional abuse, and believing that we could still be “happy ever after”.

I was the hopeless romantic, the frightened little girl who had been taught to be seen and not heard. When my future husband came along and rescued me, I felt so lucky

But you know what?

Before too long before he’d changed, and I spent more and more of my time asking myself:

“Is it all my fault? What’s wrong with me?
How can he treat me that way?” 

I wish I could say that one day I woke up, realized what was happening, and made a clean break, but…

I was too terrified.

I did the trial separation, the endless fresh starts, the taking-it-one-day-at-a-time, the counselling, the 1-2-1 therapy, the marital therapy…

None of it worked.

I finally left.  I started divorce proceedings, but I still couldn’t let go. 

“I needed him to see things my way” 

I needed him to acknowledge my feelings, and validate me.

(I even kept  hoping there might still be a chance we could get back together, in spite of everything.)

But at the same time, I was researching everything I could find about:

  • how to get over an abusive relationship,
  • how to build the self-worth I’d never had in the first place, and
  • how to be happy.

It didn’t happen overnight.  But over time, I began to discover

Some things that actually worked

I discovered that, despite how “broken” I felt, there were simple things I could do to feel better, and start believing I still had a life ahead of me.

I learned how the constant trauma of an emotionally abusive relationship hadprogrammed me to fear and paralysis.  And I found out exactly what I needed to do to reprogram my mind in a healthy, positive way.  

Still, after so much despair in my life, I needed  every step to recovery broken down into tiny, doable pieces.  That way, I knew, I wouldn’t be discouraged, and I would keep getting enough small rewards to motivate me.

In fact,the more I grasped the secrets of recovery, the more

my discoveries AMAZED me 

  • I learned there is a sure-fire way to heal FAST from an abusive relationship – but almost nobody – and that includes most counsellors, psychologists, and psychotherapists – knows it.
  • I learned powerful shortcuts to developing courage, confidence and self-esteem.
  • I learned how to stop punishing myself for not being good enough, and endlessly wondering; “How could he?…
  • And I uncovered the secret game plan all abusive men share to control women and keep them hooked into abusive relationships:

The more I learned, the more passionate I became about sharing what I knew.  Because I’d discovered

the FAST, powerful way to
heal the hurt of an abusive relationship:

It worked brilliantly for me.  And more importantly

It worked brilliantly for other abused women, too.

The more I realized just how well it worked for other women, the more I wanted to reach as many other women as possible.  It became my mission to help the women who had suffered so much they weren’t even sure that they could recover.

“Insider Knowledge”

I realized my “insider knowledge” gave me a special gift to help the women who were desperate to take those first steps, by themselves, to find a way forward.  I poured everything I knew about healing into my first book “The Woman You Want To Be”.

The results have been nothing short of  AMAZING!

When I left my abusive husband, I did it to get away from a relationship that was killing me by inches.  I didn’t expect the future would hold much more than an absence of that pain.

How wrong can you be?

I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  My life has a purpose and direction it never had.  I’ve discovered gifts and talents I would never have imagined.  I’m free to be, do, and have whatever I choose.

Best of all, having gone through my healing journey, I now have a wonderful relationship, I could never even have imagined, with a loving partner.

Because the system I teach for healing from emotional abuse is specially designed for women who are worn out, despairing, and totally lacking in self-belief, it works just as well for other women

“You’ve made all the difference in my life” 
“I have to tell you, you have made all the difference in my life.I started out looking for a way to heal myself. I was a real mess. Everyone always says: “Leave him. Go now. Run for your life…” It isn’t that they are wrong in their advice. It’s just, how can an empty, crumpled heap run?That’s where you came in. You gave me the tools to get myself back up on my feet, little by little.Last night I told him it was over…I’m starting a new job and today I have enrolled in college. The world looks different and I have a strange peace within myself. I’m not alone anymore, and I have hope in my future.You gave me this gift… Thank you for caring.” (Debbie R)“Your book is the most valuable recovery tool I have used”

“I do find the challenge of working through your book is one of the best things I have found for survivors. I’m sorry that it’s taken a good portion of my life to find out what I’ve missed and WHO I’ve missed becoming. The best part of that is the realization that the rest of my life doesn’t have to be more of the same but a new and improved me.As soon as I started to read “The Woman You Want To Be, I grabbed a binder and wrote my contract and listed my things for celebration and began to feel that there was someone out there who really understood the abuse I’ve felt and the scars there are. Thank you. For writing your book, for understanding what it feels like to feel worthless and hopelessI can say I only spent 1 hour feeling despondent yesterday. I will feel better. Your book is the most valuable recovery tool I have used.”  (Kris F)

“You’ll recognise your own strength and courage”

I recommend this e-book to any survivor of an abusive relationship. If you don’t already recognise your own magnificent strength and courage, you will after reading this. Annie’s warm, witty and supportive writing enables you to recognise and find your way home to you.'(Ruth Hadikin)


 The old approaches just DON’T work 

Listen, I’ve been through the counselling, the psychotherapy, and the marital counselling -that was the route people used to have to take.  It didn’t work for me, and it hasn’t worked for the hundreds and hundreds of women I’ve worked with.

All that talking about their problems didn’t leave them feeling any better, at all.

Finally, there’s a new way that works much, much better.


Because it uses proven Cutting Edge tools, techniques, and strategies to transform your mindset FAST.

Finally, a book that speaks your language

Most books about abusive relationships are written about women who have been abused, rather than for women who have been abused.  They don’t speak to you in your language.  They talk at you, not to you.  They give you the case studies, and explain the nature of abuse from a clinical standpoint.

You’re NOT a case study!  

You’re a woman who simply needs to reconnect with your strength, your self-worth, and your happiness.

“The Woman You Want To Be” acknowledges everything that abused women have been through, and then looks beyond it, to the future you can have, and to the woman you know you have it in you to become.

If you’re ready to

Stop being a pale shadow of who you truly are

  • Discover your unique strengths
  • Feel confident to speak with your own voice – and never be silenced again
  • Rid yourself of all the old, damaging beliefs you’ve had about yourself – so you can view yourself for the precious person that you are.
  • Believe that you deserve the very best  – and teach other people that is how you expect – and deserve – to be treated

Then, this book is for YOU.

As you work through “The Woman You Want To Be”, you’ll discover how to create a new – healthy – loving relationship with yourself.

You’ll learn to honour and value your uniqueness.  Which means no more slipping into helplessness, and hopelessness. 

And you’ll come to understand how you can nurture and sustain yourself emotionally, whatever the circumstances – which means you’ll never, ever tolerate another person treating you badly again.

You’ll find out how, starting now, you can

  • experience lasting happiness
  • attract the good relationships with gentle, loving, considerate people that you desire
  • know the joy of truly living each and every day
  • feel safe knowing you have all the courage and confidence you need, in any situation

All this, and much more besides, is available to you right now

If you’re sick and tired of being emotionally drained, it’s time to

change your life for the better right now 

“I am a different person”
I read your book, and thought….been there done that, but a few little words of wisdom in your book made purchase in my mind.   I never did any of the exercises in the book…just read straight through looking for something, anything to feel better.  I want you to know I am better now.  I have read so many books, but I mentally practiced the precepts in your book, and they worked.  I am a different person today. (Veda Spears)I am using your book to help me rebuild myself”The book is excellent. Like many women I am sure you counsel, I have been in shock and grief after an abusive relationship ended. I am using your book to help me to rebuild my self. Thanks again.  (Abby H.)“Strength and courage to face the problem head on”I started reading your book yesterday and already it has helped me realize just how much abuse I’ve been going through. it has also given me the strength and confidence to face the problem head on.  Thanks so much Annie for giving me back the confidence I had lost.  (Tamba)“My attitude has changed”I purchased your on-line book after searching the internet for help. Your book is really helping me & my attitude has changed because I am following you program.  I am going to be the woman I want to be. Thank you. (Irene J)

“Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration”

I bought your e-book a while back and thank you for your wisdom and inspiration. (J. Turner)

“This is a life-changing book”

This is a life-changing book. It’s very exciting and powerful. This could become another “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, or a “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, a “Road Less Travelled”, the “One Minute Manager” or “E-Myth Revisited – but for women in unsuccessful relationaships, abused women and women surviving abuse. (Nicola Cairncross)www.nicolacairncross.com

“I am now living a happy and balanced life”

A few years ago I realised I was in an abusive relationship.  It was a long marriage of over 25 years and it came as shock (believe it ornot) that the relationship was abusive.  I realized my relationship was toxic while doing therapeutic training (and at the same time increasing my self awareness).  So, I decided to research the subject and I came across your web site.  I thought it was brilliant and downloaded your book.  Your words and wisdom really resonated with me and I didn’t put the book down for a week!  I went over and over the information I found most useful and within 2 weeks I was absolutely resolute that my marriage was finished and I finished it!I know this might sound sudden and somewhat drastic but I was ready to take action.

I realized once and for all, it wasn’t about me, it was about him! One of the things that kept me in the marriage for so long was the fact that my parents marriage was very like mine.BUT, I then realized that my history had not CREATED my marriage, it made me TOLERATE it! Two totally different things!! Anyway, because I had great strength at the time of our split (mostly through you sharing your experience) I walked away from the marriage with very, very strong boundaries so even though he made quite a fuss (huge hassle!) I totally ignored all his efforts to suck me in again and didn’t react at all.This happened 3 years ago and I am now living a very happy and balanced life. I just wanted to drop you a line to offer you my gratitude for just being you and for using your own difficult experience to empower others. (Sara R.)

  “How can one e-book possibly change my life?”

Please understand this is NOT the typical e-book you buy on the Internet, download, and read through in 30 minutes, or 1 hour, or maybe even 2 hours, and you’re done.

Because I’ve felt just like you, and because I’ve worked with so many women just like you, I know that would never give you the ongoing help and support you need.  You need much more than that.

“The Woman You Want To Be” is a book that you will work with for almost 1 whole year.  Which means it will be like having me accompanying you on your journey for almost 1 year.  It will support you through the ‘wobbles’ of self-doubt,  it will keep you on track through tough times, and it will inspire you to grow into your true self.

Day after day after day it will provide you with inspiration, motivation to stay on track, and encouragement.

Over the weeks and months what you learn will be perfectly internalized.  It will become part of your mental muscle without you having to work at it.

This book is GUARANTEED to take you from Hopelessness to Happiness, in just 10 minutes a day.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever you are not  completely satisfied with this e-book, simply let us know at any time and you will receive a full and total refund.

Absolutely  no questions asked.

YES! If you work through my e-book and don’t notice a difference in your life, I will give you 100% of your money back.  And you     get to keep the bonuses.

This is not a pipe dream.

And it’s not hype.

You won’t wake up tomorrow and be a totally different person.  But if you are prepared to spend just 10 minutes a day on your own recovery, you’ll soon start to notice the difference.

You will be surprised how soon you start to:

be truly in charge of your life

trust your own intuition

grow your strength and protect your children from emotional trauma

transform your life in small, manageable, sustainable stages

 treat yourself like someone who matters

make the transition from survivor to thriver

appreciate the precious contribution you make to other people in your life

clear the old abusive programming so you can have better relationships with everyone in your life, and maximize your chances of creating a wonderful intimate relationship

You really can

Transform your life

But you must TAKE ACTION!

You know the old expression: “Nothing changes if nothing changes?”

Well, you need to take constructive action NOW,  If you don’t, you will remain stuck, exactly where you are.

I’ve spoken to too many women did what I did:  they nearly had the courage to change their life.  But then they got frightened, and they stayed.  And more years of misery dragged by, before they finally did what they had known for years they needed to do.  I wouldn’t want that for you.

What kind of life do you really want?

Do you want to carry on struggling with the hurt and the misery you’ve suffered? Do you want to continue hating yourself because your partner treats you as if you were barely human?

Do you want to carry on being at the mercy of his mood swings and contempt?

Or do you want much more out of life?

It’s my guess that you do want more out of life, however scared you might be feeling right now.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

There is a time for everything and this is your time to turn your whole life around.  You have the strength to turn your life around, otherwise you wouldn’t even fantasize about ever doing it.

Maybe you need a little help with believing it right now, and that’s where this inspirational e-book comes in.

Maybe you don’t really believe you have the strength.  Trust me, I know exactly how that feels.  I also know that you will always find that strength when you need it.  Just as you always have found the strength to protect everyone else in your life.

Now you can use that strength to protect yourself.

But I can’t make that decision for you.

The choice is yours.

From this moment on, you can change your beliefs and transform your life.

“The Woman you Want To Be” will guide you along your journey into happiness and wholeness over the next year, as you get back into the driving seat of your life.

Take the first step and you’ll start to take charge of your life now.  You’ll find out how you move from paralysing misery into  faith and an inspiring vision for your future.

“The Woman You Want To Be” will give you the step by step guidance you need to transform your life.  

In Just Five Minutes You Can Start Changing Your Life.

This book is available via instant download! You can be reading this book and be  well on your way to a better life in 5 minutes!

Even if you have never downloaded anything from the internet before, you will be able to download by following instructions; it’s so easy!

Zero shipping costs.

No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery.

No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged.

You receive the book at a lower price because it costs us less to produce.