Mr Nice Guy

How Do You Handle An Ex-Partner Who Is Suddenly Sweet?

24 August 2010

My abusive husband, now we’ve been separated for 3 months, has changed from being physically aggressive to emotionally abusive to sickly sweet. He is trying to prove to me and all our friends that he has changed and is capable of talking nicely and not get angry.

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A Half-shot Latte

15 March 2010

There is a fundamental flaw in every abused woman’s thinking here, and it lies in the gulf between the way she thinks she has been educating her partner, and the message that he receives. She thinks that he hears her statement – that he must not treat her that way, because it is painful to her. What he actually hears is that she is asking him, from a place of powerlessness, whether he would, please, be kind enough to change. And he wouldn’t. He will play act, to the best of his ability, for as long as he needs to. But he will do no more than that.

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