healing journey

“Broken Wing”

2 February 2009

In just one short verse McBride encapsulates the life of every abused woman and the behaviour of every abusive man. First, you have to understand that the treatment you have received has been deliberate. It really was designed to ‘break your spirit down’, break your wings, and make you emotionally dependent on your captor. Abused women learn that men are dangerous, that intimacy is destructive. They still have a ‘map of the world’ in which all relationships are bound to be the same as an abusive relationship. Some women shy away from relationships, others rush into physical intimacy. Both tendencies are attempts to avoid the risk of exposing their spirit to the vulnerability of intimacy.  

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The Characteristics Of A Good Man

28 November 2008

Perhaps you are struggling to exorcise the memory of an abusive partner, or two.Perhaps you don’t even want to think about entertaining another man in your life at this point in time. Still it is worth knowing that somewhere, out there, something much, much better is available to you and, when you are sufficiently far advanced on your healing journey, it will be within your reach.

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