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The 7 Hidden Rules Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

13 June 2016

Just suppose there were 7 hidden rules of an emotionally abusive relationship. That would go a long way to explaining why so many  good, intelligent people get hooked into exactly the kind of relationship they really don’t want. The statistics tell us that 1 in 4 women will undergo domestic violence. Chances are that significantly […]

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Signs of Emotional Abuse

19 July 2010

How do you identify the signs of emotional abuse? When you are in it, it’s almost impossible to do so. Because being in an emotionally abusive relationship is like being in a maze: all you can do is go up different paths, which almost always turn out to be dead ends. You lack on overview; not least because your abusive partner is intent on closing down your horizons, and creating a kind of tunnel vision in which all you see is him. So, the first sign of emotional abuse is the obsessive way that you focus on your partner. There are at least thirteen other key signs.

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