The 7 Secrets to Creating An Abusive Relationship

6 June 2010

Nobody ever deserves to get hooked into an abusive relationship, but that is exactly what does happen to a lot of us. In fact, the statistics suggest that 1 in 4 women will undergo domestic violence – and that probably doesn’t include those of us who “only” suffer mental and emotional abuse.

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Our Lessons From history

16 January 2008

What were the lessons to be learned?
That abusers show no respect for people or place? Certainly. That abusers all use the same script and the same behaviours regardless of their language, place of origin, socio-economic group and upbringing? Undoubtedly. That in a relationship with an abuser you are never, ever, safe from attack? Sure. That your distress cuts no ice with an abuser? Of course. That you can expect to be privately and publicly humiliated? Naturally.

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