“If you love someone, you will insist on retaining your own personal power.”

7 January 2009

Abused women try desperately, excessively, hard to be lovable. We will let down boundaries, tolerate bad behaviours, ignore the writing on the wall, silence our intuition… You name it, we have all done it. And it doesn’t work. It may be less trouble in the short run, but it definitely compounds our misery in the longer term. It prolongs the relationship, and it certainly ensures that the relationship is based on conditions that are increasingly unfavourable to us.

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Why You Won’t Fall Into Another Destructive Relationship

22 May 2008

Happily, that has changed for her and for you. The fact that you are reading this now shows that you now think carefully about the nature of abusive relationships and have access to the information that you need to recognise and avoid them

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