“It’s not about you!” Part 2

6 May 2009

It’s not about you, in the sense that it is not about continuing to focus on the sadness of what you have been through, and lost.  It’s not about the fear and the pain you have experienced. You have a mission.  When you are a victim of abuse, you are just thinking about you.  You are the only person that can live your mission, and if you don’t do your mission, it won’t get done. 

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When You Can’t “Just Be Friends” With Your Ex

5 June 2007

Leaving an abusive man is never easy. Women are most at risk when the relationship breaks down.
It’s easy to see why you could argue that throwing an abusive man the sop of friendship might keep his anger in check. Naturally, he hates being ignored. But it remains the safest course of action.

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