abusive relationship

How you leave an abusive relationship

22 December 2010

Everything Susie said was self-critical. She should have jumped by now. She should have left her abusive husband. Susie wasn’t prepared to cut herself any slack at all. Intellectually, she knew everything I – or anyone else – could tell her. But, still, there she was, paralyzed… (Because it’s not what you know with your head that matters; what matters is getting your heart to the point of letting go of a relationship that does NOT work.)
Susie’s knowledge hadn’t percolated through to heart level, yet.

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“What’s wrong with me?”

10 November 2010

There comes a point in every abusive relationship when you know you should get out. Your abusive partner is making you miserable, you know the relationship is all wrong and, as far as you can see, your life has stopped dead… But still you stay. You know you should leave, but you don’t.
Instead, you ask ourself: “What’s wrong with me?”

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