Do You Want To
Recover From Emotional Abuse?

“Emotional Abuse Recovery For Women
Who Blame Themselves For
Relationship Breakdown”


Do you blame yourself for a relationship that has gone wrong? Has your partner told you that you are NOT a good enough wife, mother, or personDo you often feel frightened, needy, or worthless?

If that sounds like you, then something very damaging has been happening in your life: emotional abuse.

Nobody should have to feel needy, frightened, or worthless. But when you live with an emotionally abusive partner that’s what happens: you end up feeling broken, rejected, and unable to cope – without the person who totally undermined you.   You end up believing they are not a good enough wife, mother, or person.

Why would someone – who is meant to love you – make you feel SO bad?

Actually, that is what emotional abusers do. Because when you feel bad makes them feel good.  (Call it sick, or crazy, if you wish. However, that is the plain truth.) Living with an emotionally abusive partner is incredibly damaging.  An abusive partner costs you your happiness, your confidence, and a ton of heartbreak. Over the long-term he could cost you your sanity, your health, even your life. Plus he will isolate you from friends and family, and maybe even your own children. He will also cost you dear, in financial terms.

Recover from emotional abuse fast!

This website is dedicated to helping you recover from emotional abuse. FAST.  Over the last 13 years I’ve specialized in helping thousands of women just like you undo the damage of emotional abuse, so they can go on to live the happy, meaningful, rewarding lives they deserve. I would love to help you, you.

The biggest obstacle in the way of your recovery from emotional abuse may surprise you.  The biggest obstacle is actually NOT what you’ve been through. What matters most now is for you to understand what you’ve been through, so you can transform the way you feel about yourself. The more you can do that, the more everything else will fall into place for you.

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