“A Great Place To

Start Your Recovery Journey


Let’s face it, being in an abusive relationship really messes with your head.

It leaves you frightened, withdrawn, and isolated.

You lose sight of the person you once were.  You lose sight of your place in the real world.  You feel as if you’ve been surviving on the moonscape of Planet Abuse – actually, you have.

And the moment comes when you can’t take any more, but you don’t know how to feel normal, and create a normal, happy life for yourself.

If that’s where you are now, my books will really help you rediscover your identity, and stop struggling, so you can stop  living from crisis to crisis.

They’ll also teach you how to break down your recovery into small, manageable chunks, and how to start feeling happy, and comfortable with yourself, fast.


“The Woman You Want To Be” will take you on a year long journey.  You’ll have me by your side, every step of the way, as you learn to love yourself, enjoy your life, and move towards a bright future.  You’ll discover how to let go of the despair triggered by your abusive relationship, so you can be confident rejoining the real world, and feel good about yourself.

“Married To Mr Nasty” has the answers you need – in a form that will make emotional sense to you –  to the questions you’ve been asking yourself, like:

  • “How could he?”
  • “Was it my fault?”
  • “Am I making the biggest mistake of my life?”
  • ”Can he change?” and
  • “If I tried harder, could I make it work?”

In an abusive relationship you lose sight of the way things really are.  Written by someone who knows exactly how you are feeling, because she’s been there herself, these books will fast track your recovery, and your belief in your worth and your future.