“If You’re Still Struggling to Get Him Out Of Your Head,
So You Can Be Free to Have Your Own Life,
Free From Fear, Shame, Anxiety, & Judgement,
There Is One Program That Could Change Everything!”

 “Are you still struggling with the fallout from an emotionally abusive relationship?” 
“Do you want to know how to get an emotionally abusive man out of your head ?”
“Are you ready to break the cycle of emotional abuse once and for all? So you can finally enjoy the lasting happiness and peace of mind you DESERVE?”

how to get him out of your head Audio programsmallI would love to help you, too, break free of the heartache and craziness of an emotionally abusive relationship – and empower you to create better relationships (starting with the relationship with yourself),  and feel confidence in your ability to deal the big decisions you are facing.

“How to Get Him Out Your Head Permanently” shares all the tools, tips and techniques you will need to get you from EXACTLY where you are now. You’ll discover how to STOP your emotionally abusive partner hurting you ever again – and how to take back your power in any dealings you have to have with him .  Plus you’ll learn how to stop giving yourself a hard time – because that’s what will make it easy for you to stay strong, feel positive, and maintain the motivation you need to move forward and make the next phase of your life the best phase of your life, so far.

There are big changes that you know you need to make in your life, but when you are weighed down by a burden of hurt, hopelessness, and self-criticism, it can only be an uphill struggle.  I give you the tools you need to turn all the negative feelings (like worthlessness, despair, guilt and shame) into ancient history) in my ground-breaking program – now 50% OFF for a limited time  – that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Thanks to the tools in my recorded Audio Program “How To Get Him Out Of Your Head Permanently” I now have the happy, fulfilling life I always hoped I might have (but didn’t really believe I could) ,,, and so have many hundreds of my clients.

What other women say

Provided you work through this program, you can expect AMAZING changes.  Like Joelle, who wrote months after completing the course to say:

“Things got so difficult at the beginning of your course that I could barely hang in.  Ic certainly did not feel “worthy” of any recovery program, that was for sure.  But throughout that time, I clung to the messages in your emails (love them) and listened to the interviews which were amazing.  The  journey is incredible…  It’s hard to believe just how dark the days can get and how the darkest thoughts can lead you to near despair…  now I persevere and continue to thrive despite it all.  My daughters are beginning to bond.Thank you for your presence in my life.  You always give me hope. “

and Rose who worked through my program, on her cell phone, when she had fled her violent husband. She took her children and left – with no money, no job, and nowhere to go.  Months after she contacted me on Facebook to say:

“Hello Annie, i still love your posts a lot. Can’t believe I was so blind not to see what was right in my face. I just laugh when I get call from even my former pastor on how my ex is begging for our-my girls and I to return. My confidence has soared and I’ve held a job for the last two months. Thank you so much for giving me the empowerment.”

and Olivia who says:

“My life has changed in so many ways, the most important being learning to love myself. It shocked me to realize how much I loathed myself, even if unconsciously.

I now live without fear, without anxiety and much much more self confident. I may have lost 20 yrs, but through this program I have gained the rest of my life.

I am looking forward to my goals and working on each and every one of them, knowing one can truly create happiness, as you mentioned in the program, it does just happen. I am learning to create happiness in my life one step at a time.

I truly cannot say enough, having come a long way in six short months.”

“How To Get Him Out Of Your Head Permanently” has worked for many, many other women.  It will work for you, too.


What’s So Special About This Program?

Green tickFirst off, this program is tailor-made specifically for emotionally abused women, by an international expert in the field (me, Annie Kaszina) who has not only personally experienced emotional abuse, but has 12 + years helping other emotionally abused women

Green tickYou get everything you need, in the order , to fast-track your recovery. Having been there, and worked with so many other women just like you, I know what you need – and what you don’t need.  You don’t need me to give you jargon, or labels. What you need from me is the understanding that will make the difference. Above all, you need to learn how to be nice to yourself. I’ve come across so many women who say: “But I am nice to myself.  I have massages. I buy myself nice handbags.” But they weren’t happy.  Being nice to yourself has to be for the long-term. I show you how to do that.

Green tickThis program comes in a handy audio format.  You can listen to it anywhere you can use a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  You have lifetime access.  You can listen to it as often as you like. Some women have told me they listened to me for weeks while they were doing the washing up, or travelling to work, and listening to it repeatedly meant that they got all of the learnings into their ‘mental muscle’, and changed the way they thought about relationships forever.

Green tickYou will learn how to keep yourself upbeat and positive for the rest of your life.  Unlike some therapists, I’m not interested in merely helping you get through the bad times. My goal is for you to be able to take charge of your own feelings for life.  You can’t afford to slip back into bad feelings, like fear, and procrastination, ever again.  They’ve stolen too much of your time and energy already. So, I teach you how to recognize the signs and stop the bad feelings –before they even take hold.

Green tickYou get a wealth of great bonuses. When you have lost sight of yourself in an emotionally abusive relationship, there is so much you need to relearn – like how to tell the good buys from the jerks, and how to attract good things into your life, and one amazing technique you can use – for the rest of your life – to master your emotions.

 “But will it work for me?”

By now, you’re probably saying it yourself:

“This is all well and good but will it work for me?”

That was the question I always asked myself – because I had no doubt that other people could heal.  But I knew that I was a difficult case.  (Even an impossible case.) So, I didn’t hold out too much hope.  And I didn’t want to lose out if I couldn’t make it work for me.

guaranteebiggishHow was I to know that it wasn’t just me?

Every abused woman feels that way?

Actually, it goes with the territory.

That’s why I always offer a full Money Back Guarantee.

I don’t want you to have to worry about losing out.

So, here’s the deal: if it works for you, brilliant.  Drop me an email and tell me about it.  If, by any chance, it doesn’t, drop me an email and I’ll refund you.  All I ask is that you do open the program, and go through it.

See for yourself the difference this information made to Olga’s life.


“How To Get Him Out Of Your Head Permanently” has worked for many, many other women.  It will work for you, too.

What you need to knowguaranteebiggishredbulletThis program is NOT a live program.  All modules and bonuses are recorded – which means you can listen in when you choose without ever having to miss a class.

redbulletYou have my 100% Lifetime Guarantee


 Because this is a recorded program, there is a 50% discount on the $497 price – for a limited time only.  So, this transformational program is a very affordable $247


 For full details of the program and bonuses, click on the video below


 Bonus #1 The Free Session with Annie Kaszina is not part of the recorded program. (But, when you grab the program, NOW, you do get the option of a huge discounted 1-2-1 breakthrough session with Annie.)




how to get him out of your head Audio programsmall

The “How To Get Him Out Of Your Head – PERMANENTLY” Program
is Guaranteed to teach you exactly
HOW to put your emotionally abusive partner
in the PAST –
where he belongs.

In just minutes from now you can be starting your journey to happiness, confidence, and fulfillment.  Do NOT let an abusive partner rob you of any more than he already has.