Are you looking for a way forward?

Let’s face it, my group programs are very effective at getting women to let go,  move on, and feel better about themselves.  They offer women a sense of community, and continuity, as well as masses of information, support and transformation…

Still, one size does NOT fit all.

Different people respond best to different things.

When I was starting down my road to recovery, I would certainly have chosen individual abuse recovery coaching – if only it had been available.

I was desperate to get my story heard; desperate to get answers to all the questions I had, as and when I had them.  I really needed that personal support.  I didn’t always have the concentration span to listen to a teleclass…

“I’ve worked with counsellors and therapists before. But they never gave me the courage to do something about my situation. Working with you has given me that courage.” Kathy M.

You may well have your own good reasons.

You might:

  • Feel uncomfortable with group coaching
  • Need more personal input than you can get in a group
  • Prefer the personal relationship
  • Want a recovery program that’s tailor-made for you
  • Like to work at your own pace
  • Want to get started in your own time, and your own way
  • Need special help dealing with a crisis, or other seemingly impossible situation
  • Want additional help and support after you’ve done a teleclass program

The long and the short of it is, there are as many reasons for wanting 1-2-1 coaching as there are people.

If that’s what you feel you want, then you know it’s right for you.

“Annie, you’ve given me my life back.” Vivienne H

* What will you get when you work with me on an individual basis?

  • You’ll get my undivided attention and support.
  • You’ll get all the time you need.

As well as having 1 hour per week working directly with me, you’ll also have unlimited email access and, should something urgent come up, the possibility of brief calls between appointments, subject to my schedule.

  • You’ll get the opportunity to heal your past.

Abusive relationships don’t happen in a void.  Abusive men are people whose teeth fit our wounds.  In most cases, the wounds preceded the emotionally abusive relationship, and left us vulnerable to an abuser.  So it makes sense to address those old hurts, too.

  • You’ll get your feelings heard and acknowledged by someone who is unconditionally on your side.
  • You’ll get to discover who you REALLY are.

He’s told you how awful you are for so long that you haven’t a clue who you are, anymore.  Sure, you have an idea that you’re better than he says you are.  But you can’t begin to see all the strengths, gifts, and qualities you have.

Don’t worry, working with me, you’ll start an ongoing journey into feeling comfortable in your own skin.  You’ll find you actually like yourself and, before long, that liking will turn into effortless self-appreciation and regard.

  • You’ll get to banish the black feelings.

You’ll learn how replace them with a sense of lasting contentment; even happiness.

  • You’ll break the stranglehold of fear, shame, and self-reproach.  He brainwashed you into thinking he was your safety net when he was forever pushing you over the brink.
  • You’ll get to feel strong, clear, motivated, and energized.

You know that old saying: “With one leg in the past, and one foot in the future, you can only p**s on the present?  Well, you’ll stop beating yourself up about what’s past.  You’ll quit worrying about the future.  And you’ll finally be able to savor the present.

  • You’ll get to feel light-hearted and at peace.

You’ll get the opportunity to create the life you want for yourself.  With someone you can bounce your vision, ideas, and uncertainties off.  You’ll have the support and guidance you need to replace the paralysis with progress, at every step along the way.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then you’ll want to know:

“How do I take this forward?”


You’ve probably got questions for me.  I certainly have questions for you, because I want to know this is exactly right for you, before I take you on as a private client.  I can’t take on very many private clients, these days.

That’s why I’m asking you to fill in the form below.

If you’re serious about working with me on an individual basis, we’ll arrange a preliminary call, to see if we ‘click’.  If, at the end of it, we’re both agreed we want to work together, then I’ll invite you onto my private client coaching program.

And let your transformation begin!

If you would like to have a conversation before making this commitment to change please fill in the form below and I will be in touch soon.

More Testimonials

“My counsellor had been telling me for months that I don’t listen to her. But when you say something, Annie, I hear it. I truly thought I was addicted to my abusive partner, but now, finally, I am free.” Mimi P.

“I think you may have saved my life.” Anna B

“Every week is an adventure. Finally, my eyes are opened.” Wanda P

“Annie, you work magic. Every session I have with you is amazing” Iona C

“You’re worth your weight in gold. But judging by your photo, you probably don’t weigh very much. So I could be selling you short.” Renee Levitt

“Thanks to you I’ve changed. I’ve learned to discover a backbone in me, that I’ve never had before.” Paula D

I always think of you and how you came into my life when I was so desperate and saved me! Daniela Fraser

” I am doing much better. I am feeling the relief of authentically not wanting any more contact and it has been quite the journey to come to this place. I now know that my life lies ahead for me and I am excited about that and very welcoming of it, with or without a partner. I feel strong enough to move forward with all that I have learned…” Lea R

“Boy, you’re good.” Susan Augustine