Finally! Specialist help for women who love too much, try too hard,
and blame themselves constantly.

Are you sick and tired

Are you sick and tired of trying too hard, feeling like a failure, and wondering what more you can possibly do to make things work?

If that sounds like you, then I know exactly how you feel.

That’s just how I felt, too. I’d worked to make my marriage work until I just I couldn’t do it any more: I’d reached the end of my strength,

I blamed myself for everything.  I thought I wasn’t good enough.  It was all my fault.

I knew my abusive partner would never make me happy, but I thought life without him could only be much worse even than life with him.  After all, he was a wonderful man, wasn’t he?

To cap it all, I had nowhere to turn for support.  I felt broken and despairing.  I was ashamed of my failure. I didn’t know how to make anyone believe me.  I didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

I didn’t even know who I was. 

In fact, I didn’t even think there was any hope for me.

Boy, was I wrong!

What I discovered

I started to learn everything I could about emotional abuse> What I discovered AMAZED me.

I discovered that:

  • It wasn’t my fault.
  • Emotional abusers ALL behave in the same ways for the same reasons.
  • The way I felt was how I felt – NOT who I was.
  • Who I was – the real person – was still there – beneath all the fear, and anxiety, and hopelessness
  • There were powerful tools I could use to heal the hurt, let go of the longing for What could never be, and move on to enjoy a happy, meaningful, life.

You have to understand that an emotionally abusive relationship is an invisible prison: , a tiny cell with walls of reinforced glass.  You can see the world out there, but you’re excluded from it. All you can do is keep banging your head against those walls.

Emotional abuse shouldn’t be a life sentence

Emotional abuse really doesn’t have to be a life sentence.  You deserve so much more than to be punished forever because you got into a bad relationship.

There are easy, proven ways to heal the hurt, let go of the humiliation, and walk out the door of that  stifling glass prison once and for all.

I specialize in helping women to break free of all the hurt, heartache and humiliation, so they can finally have the wonderful life they deserve.

When I started to discover the tools and techniques for emotional abuse recovery that work, EVERYTHING changed for me. I’ve broken the Cycle of Fear, created a life I love, discovered my voice, found a wonderful partner and become an award-winning author.

But my journey was never going to be just about me.

My mission

My mission is to help as many other women as I possibly can. It shouldn’t happen to any woman.  There’s no changing the past, but you can always change the present and the future.

NO woman is too old, or too broken to  have a wonderful life.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked with thousands of emotionally abused women helping them to see who they really are, and really enjoy their life; women like Deb who said:

“When I started working with you, I thought if I got to where I’m not thinking about killing myself all the time that would be good. Now I’m too busy feeling ecstatic for all that I’ve learned to be sad for what I’ve been through.”

My passion is to guide other emotionally abused women along their healing journey, listening to them, validating them, respecting and supporting them unconditionally – so that they can start to believe in themselves.

I know what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve heard over and over again about counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists who label,  and pass judgement on you.  They may have the best intentions in the world, but if they don’t understand the real dynamic of emotional abuse, or if they don’t believe 100% in your ability to heal FAST … then they can’t really help you.

What’s different about what I do? 

I’ve been through the nightmare in my abusive relationship and I know what it feels like to believe you’re that woman who is too broken to ever be whole agian.

I am NOT in the business of fixing other women.  But I know you can be whole and happy – and that is my mission: to help as many other women as possible become whole and happy FAST>

What do clients get when they work with me?

When clients work with me, I make them a solemn promise.   I guarantee that within weeks, in most cases within days, they start to see that there is a way forward, feel better, and start to take the tiny action steps that will lead to the future thehardly even dare to want for themselves.

My clients’ lives improve in ways they would not have dreamed possible so that they feel safe to finally enjoy being fully alive.

How does that happen?

My clients have already experienced enough blame, shame and criticism for a lifetime.  They’ve come to see themselves as a walking disaster area.

That’s just NOT TRUE!

The women who end up in emotionally abusive relationships do so not because of their weaknesses, faults, or shortcomings but because of their overdone strengths.  They’ve been too good,  too generous,  too giving and forgiving, and too trusting for their own good.

Together, we focus on discovering everything that’s really great about them.  Nobody ever believes there’s much that’s great about them when they start the coaching process.  But they soon learn to see themselves in a new light.

The more they  get to see their strengths and wonderful qualities, the more confident, happy, and positive they become. Better still, it’s natural and, above all, sustainable.

If you’ve  never really felt  understood and appreciated it might just have something to do with you ending up loving a man who was negative, critical, judgemental, and just downright NASTY towards you. Fortunately, that can change.

At the moment you are just a pale shadow of the woman you really are.

How different do you think your life will become when you believe in yourself?  When you ditch the fear, stop looking anxiously over your shoulder, and walk confidently towards the future you desire and deserve.

There are several ways in which I can help you to do just that.

If you’re ready to change, it will be my pleasure to help, support and guide you along that journey through:

  • Group support
  • VIP days
  • 1-2-1
  • Crisis consultation
  • Specially designed programs

What they say

“My counsellor had been telling me for months that I don’t listen to her. But when you say something, Annie, I hear it. I truly thought I was addicted to my abusive partner, but now, finally, I am free.” Mimi P.

“I think you may have saved my life.” Anna B

“Every week is an adventure. Finally, my eyes are opened.” Wanda P

“Annie, you work magic. Every session I have with you is amazing” Iona C

“You’re worth your weight in gold. But judging by your photo, you probably don’t weigh very much. So I could be selling you short.” Renee Levitt

“Thanks to you I’ve changed. I’ve learned to discover a backbone in me, that I’ve never had before.” Paula D

“I always think of you and how you came into my life when I was so desperate and saved me!” Daniela Fraser

” I am doing much better. I am feeling the relief of authentically not wanting any more contact and it has been quite the journey to come to this place. I now know that my life lies ahead for me and I am excited about that and very welcoming of it, with or without a partner. I feel strong enough to move forward with all that I have learned…” Lea R