Congratulations on taking a massive step towards your happiness. From this moment on, you really aren’t alone. You’ll have me walking beside you.. 

To get started:

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Download “How to Create More Happiness, Starting Now” here, by clicking on the individual steps.

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Download the transcript of “How to Create More Happiness, Starting Now”  here:

 Download: “Doing the Work with Mini-Me” here:

The Follow On Calls

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Supplementary materials   

 SPECIAL BONUS:  Lift Your Spirits, Lift Your Mood – how to look and feel better 

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Monthly Live Support Calls

These will usually take place on  2nd Monday of the month.

All calls will be at 8.30 – 9.30 pm

Calls will be recorded, and delivered via webinar.

Follow the links and sign up for them, now.  Put the dates in your diary.  You will receive email reminders of the call ahead of time, to remind you.  

November call will be Monday 12th November 
 to download the webinar

December call will be Monday 17th December

January call will be Monday 14th January 

February call will be Monday February 11th 

March call will be Monday March 11th

Monday April 8th

Monday May 13th 

Monday June 10th

Monday July 8th

Monday August 12th

Monday September 9th 

Monday October 14th 

Let’s make this year an AMAZING experience for you.

Warm wishes,



Congratulations on taking a massive step towards your happiness. You’ve made that commitment, and I’ll match it.  Together we will get you on track to your happy life. 

Warm wishes for your happiness,