I really want to congratulate you.  You’ve just taken a massive step towards creating your own happiness. From this moment on, you are NOT alone. You’ll have me walking beside you, and you’re now part of a vibrant community. 

You’ll probably want to get started right away.  So, here’s how you do it.

Getting started 

Step 1

Make a note of the link for this page: 
so you can find it again, easily. 

This is where you’ll find all your materials, and all the links for the live trainings.

Step 2

Download “How to Create More Happiness, Starting Now” here, by clicking on the individual steps.

Step 1  The “Nice” Trap

Step 2  Your Happiness Within Your Own Reach

Step 3  Discoverer, Know Thyself

Step 4  Your Best Friend

Step 5  Make No Mistake About It

Step 6  How to Use Boundaries to Create Your Happy Life

Step 7  Putting It All Together

Step 3

Download the transcript of “How to Create More Happiness, Starting Now”  here:

Step 4

To collect your bonuses:

Download: “Lift Your Face, Lift Your Spirits” here:

Download “Resolution Magic with Olivia Roberts” here:

Download: “Inside the Mind of the Perfect Gentlemanhere:

Download: “Doing the Work with Mini-Me” here:

Step 5

Download The “Even More Happiness, for Newbies” program  

To download Module 1 CLICK HERE: 

To download Module 2 CLICK HERE: 

To download Module  3 CLICK HERE   

To download Module 4 CLICK HERE 

To download Module 5 CLICK HERE 

To download Module 6 CLICK HERE

Live Classes 

Note: All live classes will be held via webinar.  Please click the individual links below so you can sign up for them all right away.  You’ll receive reminders 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour ahead of time.  That way you can put it in your diary, and there’ll be no last minute trying to find out where you should be:-) 

All webinars will be recorded for your convenience. 

Introductory Class Monday January 28th 5 pm EST

Webinar 1 February 4th 5 pm New York Time

Webinar 2 February 11 th 5 pm New York Time

Webinar 3 February 18th 5 pm New York Time

Webinar 4 February 25th 5 pm New York Time


Recordings will be added under the individual webinar as soon as possible after the call.


Once again, congratulations on taking a massive step towards your happiness. I understand it feels like a big step.  You’ve made that commitment, and I’ll match it.  You have my unconditional support.  Together we will get you on track to your happy life. 

Warm wishes for your happiness,