Emotional Abuse | Domestic abuse

Why you should watch “Tyrannosaur”

16 October 2011

“Tyrannosaur” is a low budget British film about domestic violence that has won several prizes, received almost unanimous critical acclaim, and is getting precious little exposure.  Few cinemas are showing it and, when I went to see it there were only 6 people in the cinema – including myself and my companion. Of course, there […]

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Dreams, devils, pheromones, and you

12 October 2011

How does Mr Nasty do it?  How does he worm his way into your heart, your bed, and your head – usually in exactly that order?  Even if you’ve known him for a while, and found him thoroughly objectionable, the time comes when he dons his Prince Charming mask.  He’s allergic to it, so he’s […]

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