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Your Life With Emotional Abuse

25 September 2012

How longong have you spent in your emotionally abusive relationship?  Months?  Years?  Decades?  Time collapses in an abusive relationship, doesn’t it?  After a certain point of misery, you hardly even notice the time passing.   Strange as it may sound, a day in an emotionally abusive relationship may feel like an eternity, yet a year […]

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The Sad Story of Tamara Ecclestone

30 July 2012

For the past few days the very edifying story of Tamara Eccelestone’s relationship meltdown has been plastered across the English tabloids.   Tamara, in case you don’t know, is the daughter of Formula 1 Billionaire, Bernie Ecclestone.  As behoves the daughter of a billionaire, she is beautiful, groomed, famous for being the child of immense […]

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