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What are you not seeing?

22 January 2013

What are you not seeing? Have you ever had the feeling you must be missing something that was staring you in the face?   When you think about it, you must have done, mustn’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to be so, er …  blind to the shortcomings of an emotionally abusive man.   We […]

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2013, YOUR Year

2 January 2013

It’s 2013, your year!  Hooroo!  Christmas and the New Year are behind you!  Now you can turn your attention to making 2013 your year. Like everyone else, you come to the New Year with your fears, anxieties, problems, and possibilities.  Inside your own head, what’s making more noise, your fears-anxieties-problems?  Or your possibilities?  Does it […]

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