“The proven way to
STOP feeling you don’t matter &
STOP letting people treat you that way –
Even if you’ve never managed it before.”

Have you ever asked yourself: “What’s wrong with me?”

Have you ever felt like a complete loser because you know how badly he’s treated you – and you still can’t let go of the relationship and get on with your life.

If that sounds like you, there’s something you need to know…

You’re suffering from what all abusive women suffer from, namely:

The 7 Wounds
that kept you hooked into a toxic relationship

  •  Wound #1  The wound of not believing in yourself – you’ll believe the lies an abuser tells you over and above your own heart and mind
  •  Wound #2 The wound of not trusting your own perceptions – so you end up seeing your world through his eyes
  •  Wound #3 The wound of not feeling lovable just as you are
  •  Wound #4 The wound of self-sacrifice – much as you know it doesn’t work, you can’t stop doing it
  • Wound #5 The wound of invisibility – you’re programmed to be unseen, and unheard
  • Wound #6 The wound of not being your adult self – you’re still that unsupported little girl, frozen in time
  • Wound #7 The wound of shame – somehow you carry the blame, and the shame, for everything that happens.

“Okay, Annie, that sounds familiar but…
how can I change when
I’ve been like that my whole life?”

Earlier this year, I held a ground-breaking, live workshop for women who wanted to heal those 7 wounds.

In the space of 1 transformational day they learnt:

  • how to stop turning the weapons of shame and blame on yourself
  • two POWERFUL ways to silence self-criticism and replace it with positive, self-belief
  • the most effective tool for dealing with whatever negative feelings may arise
  • how to break the cycle of self-punishment that only ever makes things worse
  • how to find the inner peace of self-forgiveness
  • three guaranteed ways to smash the old pattern of fear and anxiety once and for all
  • a foolproof method for finding the courage and conviction to deal successfully with challenges – however impossible they might seem
  • how to get a fair divorce settlement for yourself when an abusive man is trying to shame you into walking away with nothing
  • how to help your children to cope with the trauma of an abusive partner’s treatment
  • how to protect yourself from abusive treatment in your future relationships

and much, much more.

Those women left the workshop with a new respect for themselves, and a new belief in themselves. They also had new techniques, and strategies to deal with the difficulties that lay ahead.

In just 1 day they overcame the negative programming of a lifetime, healed the 7 Wounds, and began to believe in themselves and their power to create the life they want.

They did it
 NOW you can, too

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If you want to have the confidence and courage they have, then you have to do what they did.

And now you can, from the comfort of your own home.  In your own time.

The entire workshop was recorded from beginning to end, so you can learn exactly what they learned, and grow your courage and self-belief exactly as they did.

You can download the entire workshop, and listen to it as many times as you like, until you get the new way of being right into your mental muscle.

You’ll learn

  • Simple exercises to lift you out of negative self-talk
  • Techniques, strategies, and tools to keep your focus on the future you want, instead of the damage of the past
  • How to heal past and present hurts, so you finally experience closure and peace
  • How you can replace create a solid foundation of self-belief

exactly as they did.

That workshop is now available for you, in its entirety. CLICK HERE to start learning what they learnt right away.

This workshop is *NOT* like any other workshop you have been on. You will get ALL the tools you need to keep yourself on track. Provided you actually use them, these tools will keep on working, enabling you to get better and better results.

You’ll also get:

3 FANTASTIC Free Bonuses

1) An interview with the wonderful Sharon Rivkin, author of “Breaking the Argument Cycle”. On this recording. you’ll discover exactly what triggers you in relationships, and how to use that first argument either to create deep, loving communication, even in difficult times, or else read the writing on the wall, before you get hurt. (Value $97)

2) A 1 hour lesson in how to look younger, more radiant, more attractive and, actually, reverse the signs of ageing in just 5 minutes a day. (Sure, you’ve got more important things on your mind, right now. But looking good helps you to feel better about yourself fast.) (Value $127)

3)      A 1 hour interview Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor conducted with me, earlier this year, which will tell you all you need to know about the process that leads intelligent women, like you, to lose sight of their identity in the crazy world of Emotional Abuse.  (Value $27)

This workshop actually comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee – so you have nothing to lose.

If by any chance, you decide the workshop is not for you, then you get a full refund. And you get to keep the bonuses.

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You have my guarantee. And you’re on my list. So, you know that I understand the difficulties you face. And you know I deliver value. 

My promise to you

I promise you this workshop will be an investment in your life, your health and your happiness.

Can you afford to keep on living the way you are now?

Can you afford to carry on living in fear, believing your partner’s big fat LIE that your life, without him, can only get worse?

The healthier, and happier, you feel, the more you will have the drive, the energy, and the self-belief to create what you want for yourself.

I really can help you find the drive, energy and self-belief you need. I’ve helped so many other women, just like you.

“But I’m different.
I’m not sure it will work for me.”

Let’s get clear about this:  at the moment,  you think, feel, and respond like every other woman who has had her belief in herself smashed to pieces in an abusive relationship.

I specialize in helping women who fear “it” won’t work for them. In fact, the more they feel that, the easier it is to help them smash that old belief. So, I’m pretty confident it will work for you.

Here’s what a few women have said
about  working with me

“… invaluable and life changing. This has been the most enabling, empowering advice I have had in 7 years.” (Rosie J.)

“You’ve become a major resource for my life.” (Simone P.)

“You’ve been like a miracle in my life.” Jessy M.

“I really really appreciate you!! Like you will never know.In fact, I haven’t told you that I decided to go back to college and finish my degree. When I got married my husband wanted me to quit school for him, I was a junior. Now I have decided that I will finish for me.” (Iris C.)

“You’ve been pivotal in what I need to do, where I want to be, and where I want to go. I’m very grateful for our wisdom, and your knowledge. Thank you for sharing, and for your ability to share in such a kind and gentle way, but still making points that I needed to hear in a way I couldn’t fail to understand.” (Alex M)

“Being in an abusive relationship left me fearful. Now I’m feeling more clearly. I am my own individual.” (Marcia H.)

“I think you may have saved my life.” Anna B

“I’ve worked with counsellors and therapists before. But they never gave me the courage to do something about my situation. Working with you has given me that courage.” Kathy M.

“Working with you has meant that my financial future will be far better than I would ever have believed.  You gave me the courage to make my husband give me a fair divorce settlement.”  Cathy

“Yes, Annie, enough is enough. I want to
heal those 7 wounds.
I’m ready to change my life for the better.”

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I look forward to working with you, and helping you to create a vision and the life you want for yourself,

Warm wishes,


PS  When you do nothing, you’re confusing paralysis with safety.

Take decisive action today, discover how to heal those 7 wounds, and you WILL have all the tools you need to replace paralysis with action, fear with confidence, confusion with clarity.

Five minutes from now, you could be back going round the same old hamster wheel of anxiety, self-blame, and hopelessness.  Or you could be downloading all the tools you need to free yourselves from the chains of your abusive relationship, heal old wounds, and  rid yourself of the negative beliefs that have been stifling the life out of you. 

ACT NOW to heal those old wounds, so you can live fully, love safely, and laugh wholeheartedly.