Saved By A Bale Of Towels – Anne Milford’s story

by Annie Kaszina on September 1, 2010

Anne Milford (co-author of "How Not To Marry The Wrong Guy") was shuffling head down into a bad marriage,
when she was saved by… 

A bale of towels. 

Listen to Anne’s story here 

I was saved by the dream of a timeshare in the beautiful
city of Venice.   

Another woman was saved by a pair of shoes. 

For every abused woman, the ‘reality check’ kicks in, at some

Something makes you realize how profoundly miserable you are
in our abusive relationship.  The towels
that are the gift you get for marrying the wrong guy, the dream about the
timeshare that’s never going to come true, the fight because you’re wearing the
wrong shoes.

Finally, you see the light. 

It’s never going to get any better.   

Your abusive partner is only ever going to get worse.  

That’s when you finally walk.  

Whether you’re still struggling with the decision to walk
away, or you already have, and you’re still “regrouping”, Anne Milford will
inspire and uplift you. 

Listen to the Anne Milford interview here. 

It’s absolutely free.

And if you are still standing nervously on the brink, this
interview might be the thing that will lead you to spread your wings and fly. 

If not this one, it might be the next one, or the one after

But it’s going to happen – with just a little input from

Make use of all the resources available to you, and try not
to worry about standing there on the brink.  

You’re safe.  

You’re growing your wings and you will fly. 

Listen to the Anne Milford interview here.



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