“You’re Too Sensitive”

by Annie Kaszina on September 24, 2009

Has your abusive partner ever told you: “You’re too


Okay, let’s be more precise about this; has your abusive
partner repeatedly told you that you are too sensitive?  Because the chances are, if he has said it
to you once, he’s said it a thousand times. 
That’s how abusive relationships work; an abusive partner throws the
same complaints at you over and over again.



We’ll come to that in a moment.  First, let’s deal with the really important question: How has
that left you feeling?


Clearly, I don’t know you, and I can’t know how you think,
but I’m guessing that it leaves you feeling small, needy, pathetic and very,
very flawed.  Their partner's accusation of
being ‘too sensitive’ tends to make abused women feel as if someone has exposed a very
dark, unlovable, immature feeling at the very heart of their being. 


In short, it makes them feel unlovable. 


There is a reason for this.  When an abusive man says his partner is ‘too sensitive’, that is
not just a throwaway remark, triggered by frustration; it is, actually, a well
calculated barb with a venomous hidden agenda.


too sensitive”, is code; a code that, I suspect, CLICK HERE to break the code.

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