What you learn in an abusive relationship

by Annie Kaszina on September 10, 2009

What did you learn in your abusive relationship? 


As an abused woman, you learned, doubtless, that: 


·     The world was not safe

·     You would never be good enough, or lovable enough

·     Your judgment would always, always, be wrong


There is little doubt that you experienced much, much more as well.  Equally, the chances are that you did not learn the lessons, or at least the most useful lessons, from what you experienced with your abusive partner.  Because you were brainwashed by an abusive man to believe that your judgment was always wrong

For now, I’d like you to focus on the curious way in which one thing comes to mean something quite different in an abusive relationship.  It’s something I’ve become increasingly aware of in the past few weeks, as I have caught myself behaving oddly. CLICK HERE to continue reading.

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