Continuous Improvement

by Annie Kaszina on February 25, 2009

The thing that keeps abused women emotionally hooked into an abusive relationship long after they should have left is their partner’s potential.   

Once upon a time he was loving, caring, romantic.  (Well, really and truly he probably wasn’t.  But he made enough of the right noises to convince you at the time.)  He went to the trouble of ‘ticking boxes’ that mattered to you.   

It’s so easy to deduce that, if he once did it, he can do it again; it’s just a question of getting him back ‘into the zone’ – presumably the loving relationship zone.   

We react as if we were looking at a domestic pet that has begun breaking housetraining consistently; it’s just a question of reprogramming, isn’t it?   

In reality, it is a whole lot harder to reprogram a partner for a number of reasons. CLICK HERE to find out why reprogramming a partner will never work…

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