Do Angels Watch Over You?

by Annie Kaszina on February 5, 2009

Last Saturday I nearly hit a black Ferrari.  I was coming out of a turning near my old home.  Long experience had taught me there is never traffic there, so I completely failed to look.  The Ferrari did not react well because the driver assumed – wrongly – that nobody would be so half-witted as to pull straight out into its path.  I missed hitting it entirely by luck; there was absolutely no judgement there.  The best I can say for myself is that at least my choice of target shows a certain class…

The point of this story is my reaction.  I thanked my angels for watching over me (and made a note to self to be far more careful in the future).  Once upon a time I would have been far more inclined to go into catastrophizing mode. 

Do I have angels watching over me?

Obviously, I cannot know for sure.  But it is a helpful belief.  Maybe, at the unconscious level, that belief made the difference between just hitting and just missing that Ferrari.  Maybe my belief that I was safe, helped me to react, in that split second, in a way that kept me safe.  I will never know. 

Two things I do know:

1)     the belief that I have angels watching over me enabled me to complete my long drive home safely, without repeatedly reliving the incident and programming into my brain how close I came to disaster

2)     it is a far, far cry from the way I would once have reacted.

Like a lot of abused women, I once lived a hostile world, in which bad things happened, almost exclusively. 

There were no angels.  Or more correctly, there were no angels watching over me.  Although I could see… CLICK HERE to continue reading.

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