“If you love someone, you will insist on retaining your own personal power.”

by Annie Kaszina on January 7, 2009


Michael Korda wrote: "All of life is a game of power.
The object of the game is simple enough: to know what you want and get it. The
moves of the game,
by contrast, are infinite and complex."


Abusive relationships are relationships in which the
controlling partner creates an illusory sense of self-esteem by disempowering
his (her) prey. 


Abusive relationships are very much about power and control.


It’s enough to give power a bad name.


But let’s look a little more deeply at this.


Abused women, or women who end up as victims of an abuser,
have an immense drive to be loved. 
“Normal enough”, you might say. 
Yes, it is a normal and powerful drive. 
But here’s the thing:


women are willing to make whatever trade-off they think necessary in order to
be loved. CLICK HERE to carry on reading.

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