“How Long Will You Settle For Crumbs?”

by Annie Kaszina on November 15, 2008

I’ve been working with a woman who can neither give up her
abusive partner nor be with him.

She can’t be with him because she can no longer blind
herself to the fatal flaws in the relationship. But she can’t let him go because of the good moments they share
together every so often.

She still fails to see the mechanism at work there, that the
good moments are the bait on his hook that keeps her biting. 

Perhaps she fails to see that because she cannot bear to
confront her own motivation. She needs
to believe that those good moments are a taster of all that she can still have
with this man, if she just tries a little harder and makes a few more

Even, or maybe I should say especially, she is tiring
of her own stubbornness. Yet she cannot
let go.

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