One thing that we, as abused women, forget

by Annie Kaszina on August 29, 2008


It’s not often that I include articles written by other people in   
my blog.  However, what follows is an email I received in reply to a previous
post.  In it I spoke of my decision to speak of my abusive past with a man
and the incomprehension with which it met.   

Siobhan’s words touched me profoundly.   

Still more important is her moving and powerful description of a good
man.  In my working life I hear so many women make misguided claims for abusive
men who can behave nicely on occasion.  And, yes, confusing the odd
loving behaviour or statement with a loving temperament is the kind of 
‘sleight of mind’ that I’ve been guilty of on more than once.   

Gentle readers, it’s called persuading yourself that second best really isn’t
second best.  And in the end, that bad decision always comes back to haunt you. 
Which is why it struck me as so necessary to put in front of you – and me – the
vision of a man who is ‘the real deal’. To discover the true description of a man who is ‘the real deal’, CLICK HERE

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