“For The First Time In My Life I Feel Someone Is There For Me”

by Annie Kaszina on July 12, 2008

Whenever I work with abused
women I am always shocked by the inadequacy of their view of themselves.  An
abused woman will always tell you how hopeless and helpless and meaningless she
is without her partner.  She will tell you that she is nothing.

In fact, she will be so
convinced that she is a complete zero that she won’t even see and hear the
reality.  She won’t register that she has managed to create a home for her
children, or raised herself out of addiction, or created a successful
professional life for herself.   

An abused woman won’t even
glimpse the extraordinary personal qualities she has accessed to keep going, day
after day, moment after moment, when life looks hopeless.  She won’t see the
personal stature she has attained and she won’t listen to anyone who tries to
tell her about it.   

Abused women are more
blinkered, when it comes to their strengths, qualities and resources, than any
racehorse will ever be.  All they ever have in their line of vision is their
abusive partner pointing the finger of blame at them. 

This is why we tend to gallop
wearily onwards in an abusive relationship. CLICK HERE to continue reading.

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