“I Know I’m Being Silly But…”

by Annie Kaszina on July 2, 2008

Earlier today I was talking with a woman I know only
slightly. She’d spent 10+ years in an
emotionally abusive marriage that was gradually eroding her spirit. Then
suddenly, out of nowhere, her prince appeared. 

Suddenly, an attractive, available, young man burst onto her
horizon declaring undying love. Better still, he stated his willingness to
wait for her for as long as it took until she could slough off her husband,
pack up the children and move in with him.

a nice line in persuasion like that, do you think he had long to wait for

She had reached the point in her abusive marriage where she
felt she was so physically and emotionally unattractive that no man would ever
look at her again. Let alone a man
eager to take on not just her, but her two rowdy children and the boisterous
family pet as well. 

It is not hard to imagine how grateful and elated she must
be feeling. Four months into the
relationship her lover is talking about moving to be closer to where she

she hit the jackpot?  CLICK HERE to find out what what happened next.

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