“Is Your Relationship Pain ‘Clean’ Or ‘Dirty’?”

by Annie Kaszina on May 31, 2008

This week I’ve been working with a woman who is
halfway to leaving an abusive partner behind her. In the five years they have
been together, she has lost confidence in herself, become isolated from family
and friends and become increasingly wretched.  She has saddled herself with a ‘crazy-maker’,
someone who feeds his own need for power by constantly undermining and
disorientating his partner. He has blamed her incessantly, left her many times,
taken money from her and made her feel like the dirt beneath his shoe.

This woman can see her partner for what he is
and she knows that if she can rekindle the relationship one more time he will be
loving for two days, treat her badly for weeks and then walk away, again. She
knows the exact course the ‘relationship’ will take and how much it will hurt
her, and yet she says she wants to be back with him.

Why?  CLICK HERE to find out why she wants him back and what she can do to change that.

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