by Annie Kaszina on January 27, 2006

Anyone who has been reading this blog for the last
few months will already have heard about the Billion Dollar Man. He’s the guy who, having grown up in a climate of domestic violence wants to make £10 Billion to build a refuge in every town and city throughout the world.


Well, I hadn’t heard from Stewart for a while but caught
up with him again earlier this week, at a Money
event where his Internet skills became very apparent. 

The next day I was talking with the manager of my local
Women’s Refuge who said that she finally wanted to put the refuge on the
Internet and did I know a good website builder, who would charge
realistically. Correctly speaking,
Stewart is a cutting edge Internet marketer, rather than a website builder, but
I thought it was worth offering him first refusal.

The upshot is that The Billion Dollar Man is doing it and
won’t take a penny for his work – which certainly wasn’t in my masterplan when I mentioned the website to him. 

all on the same journey”, he said. 

Needless to say, everyone involved with the refuge is
happy to have him on their journey.

I’m currently working with some of the women in that refuge.  They’ve been through some pretty rough experiences and say that it is often hard to see the positives in their day.  Hopefully Stewart’s generosity will provide them with hard proof of a positive.  Stewart’s paying it forward.  What could be more positive and more inspiring than that?

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