Are you struggling to think clearly, and know what to do next?

Are you so busy worrying about the future that you are not taking care of yourself? Do you feel at emotional rock-bottom?

When you’re feeling hopeless, a difficult situation looks absolutely impossible.

When that happens, what people usually do is NOTHING at all.

That’s why I created the Quick Start Help, Healing and Happiness Program to help women who need help and support NOW.

It’s a short program: just a 4 week intensive, where you work with me, in a small group. If you’ve found my e-zines, and other materials useful, I guarantee you will be absolutely delighted by the level of support and transformation you’ll experience.

Who is this program for?

          This 4 week intensive program is for:


    • Women who don’t know where to turn or what to do for the best
    •  Women who haven’t given up on their dreams
    •  Women who don’t want to settle for second – or third –best any more
    •  Women who want to feel like they matter
    • Women who are sick and tired of putting their life, and their happiness, on hold
    • Women who want their self-respect back, and want to be good role models to their children

Above all, this program is for women who don’t even know if they can be helped, but don’t want to throw away any more of their lives.

Most of the women I work with start out saying: “I don’t know if you can help me. I don’t even know if I can be helped, but…” It that sounds like you, then you areexactly the kind of woman I specialize in helping.

Your Quick Start Help, Healing, and Happiness Program includes:

  • 4 Live Coaching Calls on a Tuesday evening
  • Calls will be 1hr – 1 hr 30 minutes long. (You will be calling a US number at the normal rate)
  • Calls will be recorded, so you will never have to miss one, although you should try and attend the live calls for maximum value
  • Maximum 10 people per group, so you can expect lots of personal attention.

80% of people who sign up for live programs, don’t show up to the call. Which means you only have to show up, to get a lot of my time and attention.)

Direct email contact with me in between the calls.

Call #1 Your biggest challenge – this is your opportunity to talk about your biggest problem. You’ll identify the underlying anxiety that’s paralyzing you. By the time you leave this call, you’ll be able to break that problem down into manageable chunks and you’ll see you always have choices.

Call #2 Your big picture – you’ve been working on your relationship so long, and so hard that you’ve lost sight of the Outside World and your place in that world. On this call, you’ll discover your strenths, and the core qualities no abusive man can ever destroy.

Call #3 Strategy upgrade – on this call you’ll discover what doesn’t work, and what does, when you are faced with impossible difficulties. You’ll also learn new strategies you can use to beat the blues, banish the blame, shift the shame, and stay no track, no matter what.

Call #4 Tapping into your happiness – on this call we’ll talk about how break the stranglehold of bad feelings, get beyond the “I’ll be happy when…” trap, and experience your inner joy. This is not about ‘pep talks’ but realistic ways you can raise your mood FAST, and get back on track. You won’t have to just wait for the bad feelings to pass, ever again.

Next Course Starts:

   Tuesday October 11th

 10 pm UK (GMT) / 5 pm EST /2 pm PST 


Bonus No #1 “The Woman You Want To Be” ($47) The ground-breaking book that has helped hundreds and hundreds of women rebuild their self-belief, transform their thinking, and find the courage to pursue their dreams.

Bonus No #2 “Escape from the Abusive Kingdom” ($197) Over 10 hours of audio for you to listen to in your own time. You’ll discover everything you need to know about why your abusive partner treated you that way, the Achilles heel that left you vulnerable to abuse, the real reason why you put up with so much ill treatment, and how you can keep yourself safe, and happy, in the future.  You’ll even learn how to spot a LOSER by his online dating profile.

Bonus No #3 “How To Bounce Back From Anything” (value $47) interview with the Bounce Back Coach Donna Maria Thompson who lost her mother, her man, her money, and her health in a few short months, and still managed to bounce back. Discover the systematic process she discovered so anyone can Bounce Back.

That’s $291 of FREE bonuses.

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“Yeah, but… Is it really worth it, for me?”

Okay, you’re wondering whether I really can deliver, or whether you’ll be throwing your money away.

I’m absolutely confident I will not just deliver, but over-deliver massively.

So here’s my guarantee to you:


You have my 100% Money Back Guarantee.Dr Annie Kaszina on quick starting your healing and happiness

Your responsibility is to listen to all the calls. If you do that and, a month down the line, you are still as deeply unhappy as you were, I will refund your money IN FULL.